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    reeltaulkposted 5 years ago

    Recently I watched a video (and I will refrain to mention names) regarding relationships/people, settling/acceptance, Interating, communicating and knowing how to relate to people of all levels in your life.  Now initially what this individual said made sense, but it wasn't after I thought about what they said did I not realize how excuses sometimes will cloud your judgement.  I was about to accept a personal experience for what it was but, I know deep down in my heart that this person can do better......but that is only if they will choose to do better.  I'm asking this question (as well as leaving my take) to see what most people think, because we all think differently and creatively according to our compassion.  DO you feel that some people are only capable of giving so much while others will give and give even if it's their last dollar or the shirt off their back(not due to insecurities)?   What makes one diligent with their giving, while others are mediocre in giving, with their thoughts and themselves.  The individual that was in the video said that you just have to accept that this is the best that they can do because they are "mediocre" so to speak and you need not expect more, just know that this is who they are. I'm not religious or christian, but the bible does say to strive for perfection.  "Perfection" meaning bettering and seeking to improve yourself....A place all individuals collectively should aim for and from where I stand aiming to achieve the same goals and be on the same level brings the balance needed so no one ends up with the short stick.  I believe anyone that is capable of receiving should be capable of giving that which they have consciously taken.  It doesn't always have to be returned as it was "given", but as the saying goes.....It's the thought followed by whatever action that counts. It's not fair that a cheerful giver should be expected to remain cheerful, while  settling to accept or cosign on mediocreness.  If mediocre is their best, why not keep the company of mediocre people.  But we all know that won't happen....God I didn't mean to write a book here.  But I'm just sayin.............

    P.s.  don't confuse this with ulterior motive intention gifts, etc.  I am speaking of two people whether intimacy is involved or not that has a friendship, kinship, partnership, etc.

  2. knolyourself profile image60
    knolyourselfposted 5 years ago

    Simply put it is all about yourself, or it is all about others, with sometimes an in-between.

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    Michael Tooleposted 5 years ago

    I think love is an endless boundary of possibilities that are based off of honesty, trust, loyalty, and respect, love comes in one or more ways, the only way to achieve your goal on a relationship or finding love is to express your feelings to said partner or, if you don't letting your feelings go unrecognized will only result in failure on your part, you have to want thing's to work, you have to want to make thing's go as they should, the only way to achieve this is to achieve and promote yourself as a better person, love is blind in more than one way, to see the error of your way's to find a better solution into a relationship start's with you, it's start's at the very center, the very core of your being to give love, to show love, to handle love, to gain love, in simple term's, love is what you make it, and if you make it worth while "it's better than to fail, at love to then never have loved at all" - Bret Michael Quote

    So on, it start's with you as knolyourself said, make it what you want, sometimes thing's are out of your reach. Learn, Adapt, and Overcome.