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AQUARIUS 2010 Forecast

Updated on September 27, 2010

2010 Forecast for AQUARIUS


January 21 – February 19

Lucky Numbers: 18, 26, 27

Lucky Dates: 20th of January, 19th of July, 30th of July

Neptune exits Aquarius and encourages you to reflect on the last few years and recognize how those tough times and challenging circumstances have changed your perspectives and softened your persona. Some shifts have taken place that have touched the compassionate side of your nature, making your energy more loving, forgiving and approachable. You will be sorting out what’s what and heading your path in the direction of your choice, rather than the direction expected of others. Always live your truths Aquarius.

The theme of ‘love’ features strongly during 2010 and this will include close relationships, new relationships and old relationships of all kinds. Some people may be leaving your life of their own accord due to their personal life choices such as moving residence, changing jobs and the like. Others you may choose to purposefully be rid of as you acknowledge that their influences in your life are not longer desired, for whatever reason. You may find yourself distancing yourself from others for a while, seeking peace and solitude for yourself. Seasons and reasons change just as everything does, so don’t lament the past but rather take the lessons and the positives from them and move forward.

As you change so does your vibration and your focus. As you encounter new experiences and push the envelope a bit in March and April be prepared to be pleasantly surprised when you meet a person or group who resonates with you. You may feel an instant ‘kinship’ and will feel comfortable with these new energies. They have presented to you for a reason ... find out what it is. It will be well worth your while Aquarius.

Good luck is likely to come through family members, siblings in particular, friends and acquaintances. Your life will be full of coincidences and you will find success when you follow your insightful feelings as they come up from your subconscious. Listen to your intuition Aquarius.

Money and income look to be in focus this year with new ventures taking off bringing in extra income from January to June and again in September. Your income earning options are set to increase as you work with a new opportunity or idea. It may be related to your home in some way ... an enterprise or home- based business venture.

Jupiter brings you good luck in the financial sector in the first couple of months – but don’t waste it. Save rather than spend and you’ll benefit down the track.

Make a point of loving and nurturing yourself during 2010 and take time out to do the things you love to do, rather than the things you feel obligated to in order to please others. Make the decision to please yourself first. To some this may seem as though you are being ‘selfish’, but to be selfish is to look after one’self, and that is loving yourself. When you feel good you function better on all levels and are generally a happier person. Taking care of yourself and taking time to do the things you love brighten and lighten you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Love and Light


Sacred Scribes

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