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Apostolic Revelation

Updated on February 9, 2014

Apostolic Revelation of the ‘Heirs’: the Manifesting Sons

Something great happened at Calvary,

More than I had and could ever imagine.

Oh poor me could have taken the word

“It is finished” literarily and then mean

It only to be forgiveness of sin.

Oh poor me! To have thought it to

Be merely freedom from sin, self and Satan

But now am knowing, it’s far more greater

More deeper, more higher, more weightier

Than I could ever think or imagine

Oh dear Paul the great Apostle

He caught a glimpse of this glorious

Revelation when he said principalities

Did not understand what Christ was to do on the cross

If they knew, they would not have crucified Him


Confirming the fact that the riches that flowed from the cross of Christ is unlimited. The mystery now unveiled to us “His latter day’s apostles” as the riches of the cross in the matter of sonship ‘the heir’. John the beloved said by the Holy Spirit in John1:12 “we believe, and then we became God’s son”. Paul said as well in Rom8:16-17 “the spirit confirms us as children of God, if children then heirs of God, if heirs then joint-heirs with Christ”.

Oh sweet revelation! That now that my saviour has left, I stand in His very place as an heir to his belongings entitled to everything He was entitled to. Even if He did not touch all the properties and riches of the father, still alive now I have every right and opportunity to stand in His place and be a partaker of all these riches. How wonderful it is to know the meaning of an heir!

Oh! It’s a glorious place to be

A place for the sons, the heirs

A place for the joint- heirs

A glorious place for the heir-apparent

Co-ownership of the sons with the Son

Little wonder He never said in Mark16:17 that the signs shall follow men with titles but simply the sons, the children, men who hath believe in Jesus. “In His name, they will cast out devils, speak with new tongues, lay hands on the sick for immediate recovery and do many mighty works”. He was actually saying; now that am leaving, those who are joint-heirs with me must now stand in the same place, position and authority where I stood. A place of “express working of miracles” by the Holy Spirit.

To buttress this fact that for his short ministry of three and a half year, there still remain uncountable resources of the Father which he never touched. Close to his departure from the earth. He spoke expressly and affirmatively in John14:12 that “he that believes in me, the works that I do shall he do also even greater works than these….” He spoke of ‘the greater works’ as though to say that which you see me do and marvel is only a part of my Father’s great riches but time is not on my side again, you must now go and do the ‘greater ones’. Hallelujah! These are the days of His greater works!

Great Thoughts!

Oh great thoughts unimaginable, when the saviour said in Luke7:28 that “ there is no one born of a woman that is a greater prophet than John the Baptist but he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than him”. Though John earned for himself a place but his place could not still be compared with that which Calvary brought. For the old testament saints and prophets strive to regain back the position which man lost at Eden (position of the lords creature) but Calvary propelled us far above the initial position lost at Eden into the( place of sonship, heir). Little wonders Paul the apostle in Eph2:6 said “and hath raise us up together and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus” he accompanied it with a prophetic statement for these generation; “that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in his kindness towards us through Christ Jesus”

The time has come for the revelation and manifestations of these exceeding riches of His grace and kindness. Believers of these last days must now wake-up to the apostolic call. These are the days of the prophets and Apostles! The battle is about to begin, the alarm of the trumpet is already sounding. Let him that hath an ear hear what the Spirit is saying. The cloud of witnesses are already gazing, the heavens can’t wait any longer to see the greatest manifestation of our time. For this revelation has been hidden from the people of different ages but now been revealed to us. The event is imminent, it’s now appearing loomy. I can almost see it. The days of the heirs, joint-heirs with Christ, the sons, when the sons now operate as the Son, in the same ability and capacity. The sons begin to touch and operate beyond what the son operated in and touched, but these ones would wear the garment of humility. This is the season of restoration of all things! (Acts3:21).

Now I know that when my saviour was on earth, if he could discern and know men apart from the flesh then I can do more. If he could stand at the tomb of Lazarus and cried out Lazarus come forth and death could give way, then I could do more. If he could turn water to wine, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons and perform wonderful works while on earth. Now that he’s gone, I am taking his place here on earth, then I can do it and do more. Before he left he was the light but now that he’s gone I represent his glorious light on earth!. That His sons will be nothing else but the Son (Jesus). If on earth, the people sought to make him a king or ruler and he consented not, then I must do the same. The sons would be clothed with humility.

The world is in for a revolution, wonderful apostolic revelation. For these men have started emerging and shall soon be revealed and be brought into lime light. These men are men who are conquered, crushed, submissive and not of themselves. For they shall know nothing but the will of God. They shall have nothing but the Holy Spirit. They shall possess nothing but the His grace. They shall desire nothing but God’s kingdom and purpose. They shall do nothing but His work or assignment. They shall eat nothing but His word. They shall see nothing but the heavenly vision. They shall hear nothing but His voice. They shall say nothing but His message. They shall fear nothing but God. They shall fight nothing but sin, self and Satan. They shall love nothing but God and awaits nothing but His return. These are the ones spoken of by the prophets to prepare the way of the Lord for the rapture of the glorious church in the last days. The world is yet to know such men as this. No one would be able to stand before them. They shall operate as gods among men. Arise, its time!

Adesuyi Emmanuel .O.



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