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Aries Woman and Aquarius Man

Updated on March 8, 2011

Aries women and Aquarius men get on very well together. Very well. Because of the natural compatibility, many of these relationships will start out as friendships and then progress into romantic relationships. And this may be well suited for the laid back nature of the Aquarius male, but the Aries woman really needs to be sure of her feelings before she crosses that line because what she thinks is the makings of a good romance is often only the makings of a good friendship. This doesn't mean Aries woman and Aquarius man can't be very attracted to each other, it's just that the Aquarius man isn't usually the Aries woman's full-on type and she really needs to be sure he is before she gets involved.

Aries Woman

The Aries woman needs passion and lots of it. She's got her own supply on tap but she needs to see it reciprocated in the man she loves. Unfortunately, Aquarius man doesn't usually have the level required to keep the Aries woman feeling secure and satisfied, which can lead to her feeling insecure and vulnerable -- feelings that she does not enjoy. In her mind, if a man wants her it will be very obvious and difficult for him to contain, but the Aquarius male is so laid back that she will view this as lack of interest and fear he's just passing time til something better comes along. At the same time, her vulnerability can make him want her even more, so if she learns to cultivate and maintain that vulnerability (at least in the bedroom) then this couple have a better chance at a good relationship than other Aries women and Aquarius men.

Aquarius Man

Aries woman views the Aquarius male as flaky, unpredictable and sometimes very annoying because of it. She has little patience for his excuses and forgetfulness and this can lead to big fights. She also finds his strong opinions very annoying when she disagrees with them, but even more so when she realizes she can't easily change his mind like she can with most men. But these things don't bother her as much as the way he seems to run hot and cold in the bedroom. She wants to change things up from time to time but he's looking to make that first magic moment last forever. Which means she's either got to become a very good actress quickly, or show him how much more fun they could be having if he'd just let her have her way with him.


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