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Aries Woman and Taurus Man

Updated on March 26, 2011

If the respective natal charts have favorable aspects, the Aries woman and Taurus man can get on quite well with one another. But to be plainly honest, the Taurus male generally only appeals to a very specific type of Aries woman -- one who has a strong need for security and stability. Most Aries women can produce this for themselves easily enough, but if you've got an Aries woman who's been put through the wringer by some tragic event, or if you've got an Aries woman who has simply been let down repeatedly by previous men, then you've got the makings of an Aries woman who would get on famously with the average Taurus male. Conversely, most Taurean men have no trouble adapting to the Aries woman, most typically because they don't adapt. They simply dig their heels in and wait for Aries woman to adapt to them. As one can imagine, most Aries women willfully refuse to do such a thing. But in some cases, such as those I've already mentioned, the Aries woman will do precisely that.

Aries Woman

The Taurus male will not be bowled over by the Aries woman's enthusiasm to try new things and take new projects on. He will simply step back and watch while occasionally pointing out that she hasn't got a stash of unlimited funds available and should be more prudent. She'll find this annoying, of course, but somewhere in the back of her mind she knows he's right and is grateful to have someone paying attention to the little things, since she usually only bothers with the bigger things. Aries woman will, however, become absolutely enraged if Taurus man takes it upon himself to instruct her as to what she can and cannot do. And if he demonstrates such behavior on more than one occasion, she will probably start to consider ending the relationship because she really does not enjoy being lectured, nor confined -- even when she knows she ought to be. She will adore Taurus mans tactile and warm nature in the bedroom, however, and wish he could let it filter into the rest of their relationship as well.

Taurus Man

Stubborn as all hell, this man can shoot himself in the foot without blinking an eye. He simply cannot admit he's wrong unless you're dangling heaps of evidence in his face, and even then he'll just grumble something and stand down. He's dominant in his own way, but this is often perceived by Aries woman as being a control freak, which she will not appreciate. He is, however, stable and dependable and secure and any woman who needs this in her life will happily tolerate his flaws in exchange for feeling well kept and cared for. And given Taurus' fondness for quality and expensive things, it'll will be a very comfortable environment as well.


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