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Aries Woman and Cancer Man

Updated on March 8, 2011

If the natal chart aspects are favorable, this can be a good relationship, but the truth is that is usually doesn't lean in that direction. Aries woman is fire and masculinity in the body of a woman; Cancer man is water and femininity in the body of a man -- you don't need a calculator to see that this equation is flawed. But as I said, this doesn't make the relationship impossible if other aspects make them more suited for each other than is normally the case. That, and there are a few little charms this relationship affords both people that they won't find with other partners.

Aries Woman

Aries woman is a natural born optimist. This is not because she has faith in the world, but rather because she's got faith in herself. And she fully believes that she can move mountains simply by willing it so. This is in direct conflict with Taurus man, who is a natural born pessimist. The Aries woman can cope with other people's negativity and pessimism quite well, but when it comes to the man in her life, she needs at least some modicum of support, even if only indirectly. So if you're keen on an Aries woman and find yourself spurting out negative comments and being a downer in general, you'll need to learn to stifle yourself or risk your Aries woman dumping you for raining on her parade(s). She's also likely to be jealous now and then, but this actually works very well with the Cancer man, cos he feels validated by such displays of emotion.

Cancer Man

As I've just said, Cancer man is very tolerant of Aries woman's jealousy. He is, perhaps, the only man in the zodiac that could cope with her bouts of jealous rage and turn it into a night of passionate romance. So that's a good thing. On the other hand, his lack of passion in other areas of life can make Aries woman feel like she's treading water with weights round her ankles. She needs someone to share in her enthusiasm just a tad, so Cancer man should at least learn to look like he's interested, even when he's secretly expecting her to fail at whatever she's gotten herself into now. Also, work on that annoying moodiness of yours, cos it can lead to insecurity in an Aries woman, and when Aries woman gets insecure enough, she'll find a man who makes her the opposite.


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