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Dynamical Astrology

Updated on December 29, 2013

Chaos theory is being integrated into astrological lore

This is a classic image of an astrological seer peering behind the heavens, but with a twist that chaos is seen.
This is a classic image of an astrological seer peering behind the heavens, but with a twist that chaos is seen. | Source
The classic non-linear butterfly pattern is a combination of chaos theory and fractal calculation. Planetary orbits also display complex and chaotic periodicity.
The classic non-linear butterfly pattern is a combination of chaos theory and fractal calculation. Planetary orbits also display complex and chaotic periodicity. | Source
Some astrologers use astrology to predict the markets. Here we see an apparently chaotic pattern derived from the transits of Mercury and the influence of other planets.
Some astrologers use astrology to predict the markets. Here we see an apparently chaotic pattern derived from the transits of Mercury and the influence of other planets. | Source
The Space super highway exists as a easy and cheap way of space travel and it shifts according to the positions of the planets, It has been successfully used by NASA for deep space probes.
The Space super highway exists as a easy and cheap way of space travel and it shifts according to the positions of the planets, It has been successfully used by NASA for deep space probes. | Source
Natural fractals are all around us and are part of the natural order of the cosmos. Self similar recurrence is the order of the day for such phenomena.
Natural fractals are all around us and are part of the natural order of the cosmos. Self similar recurrence is the order of the day for such phenomena. | Source
Planetary orbits are complex affairs, fraught with chaos. Every planet influences all others and these in combination influence individual planets and people.
Planetary orbits are complex affairs, fraught with chaos. Every planet influences all others and these in combination influence individual planets and people. | Source

Astrology meets Chaos Theory

The ancient adage "As above so below" is actively demonstrated in the sensitivity to surrounding and interpenetrating conditions. Chaotic and Fractal dynamics show that small influences can have a major effect in the long run, from personality shifts due to suggestion and as far reaching as asteroid influence and galactic voids. The conditions of any specific location are determined by many converging and serendipitous events. The reverse to the small having an influence on the whole is also true as so succinctly stated by the ancients.

In studying the cosmos, we have deduced three great principles, namely the deterministic or relativistic, the discreetly discontinuous, or quantum and the chaotic - turbulent. The three combine to form the complex state of reality. The three are interpenetrating through the aegis of dynamical complexity. We will find randomness in the deterministic and some deterministic states in the "purely random." All this has been investigated in the past and present.

The ancients were aware of what cutting edge cosmology is "discovering" for the "first" time. It is more accurate to say that this is a rediscovery of lost knowledge. The ancients gave us a cosmology that comprised three modes, namely the cardinal, the fixed and the mutable. These modalities interpenetrated all. In our epoch, the cardinal sign leading cusps mark the major seasonal transition points of the year being the spring equinox, the summer solstice, fall equinox and winter solstice in succession. The signs leading these seasons are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn for the tropical zodiac in the present epoch. Those of you, who are familiar with catastrophe theory, recognize the term cusps. The meaning here is the same insofar as they represent discreet boundaries between one state and another. The cardinal signs are followed by the fixed cross of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Finally there are the transitional mode signs called mutable or common, being Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Some phenomena and personalities exhibit one of the three in greater abundance than the other two and thus we have the cardinal, fixed and mutable types of astrology. Each of the three modes was subdivided into four "elements" namely the fire, water, air and earth sub types. These are described as energetic/assertive for fire, intuitive/emotional for water, mental/communicative for air and practical/restraining for earth. Thus we have a type of self-affine structure in the zodiacal distribution of cosmic energy modes.

How do we link the three modes of the cosmos being the deterministic, the indeterminate and the chaotic with the modes and subsequently to their expression as human personality? Let us progress from the obvious to the less so. Looking at the transitional mode of mutable, we can find an immediate affinity with dynamical chaos. Chaos has both a deterministic and a random expression in greater or lesser proportion of each when looked at in its self-affine detail. This has been explored in the relativistic, the quantum and the chaotic manifestations of the cosmos. Mutable signs can adapt most easily to the surrounding inputs of the cosmos. They are sensitive to small changes and reflect these in their expression. The fixed mode approaches the opposite extreme in being rigid and deterministic. This leaves the cardinal, which can exhibit signs of indeterminacy. This fact is reflected in the seasons due to the lag time factor, which tells us why the seasons never rigidly follow the times that they start, by solar ingress. The seasons typically lag behind the moment of solar ingress, sometimes by several weeks. The hottest month is not June/July, but July/August, the fixed fire month. Similarly, the coldest month lags after the ingress of the sun into Capricorn. Thus the cardinal months can be described as uncertain in their expression. The three modes of modern cosmology are reflected in ancient cosmology in astrology.

It has been demonstrated among other things, that a single non linear equation can produce all the above effects of determinacy/periodicity, quasiperiodicity/indeterminacy and chaotic/randomness with all the self-affine shades between each category in complex space/time. It has also been shown the seasonal magnetic variations of the sun on the geomagnetic envelope of Earth and ultimately the effects on all things earthbound. There are also the longer seasons averaging 11 to 22 years in length and the periodic to chaos and back cycle. We have shown the limits of predestination and freedom in the cosmos and ultimately on humanity. Yet, owing to the very complexity of the subject, there is far more awaiting to be discovered.

The fractal dimensional structure of the cosmos allows for the interpenetrating of opposites as cited by one of the fundamental laws of Hegelian dialectics. It is the expression of this complex geometry that allows for the peculiar unfolding of history and the uniqueness of every individual expression.

A cardinal personality as described above is one that is indeterminate, linking it with the quantum expression of nature. The quantum is expressed in discreet steps in a discontinuous fashion. As such there appears to be no continuous link between one state and the next, particularly in the area of expression. This is sometimes manifested as a kind of randomness, but within strict bounds. A cardinal personality can be seen as a conservative type as opposed to a dissipative type. Both Cancer and Capricorn are conservative in their expression, one knowing the value of family and the other the value of practicality, delegation and command. Here the expression of matter/energy transforms within strict and discreet interchanges in conservative modes is paramount. The expression tends toward the Hamiltonian expression. It is the ultimate in expression of the conservation of energy and matter.

The mutable type is the most complex in adaptability to surrounding conditions. They can demonstrate states approaching total randomness and the opposite state approaching continuity. This adaptability is conditioned by the changing influence of the interpenetrating influences of the cosmos and others around them. At times they appear rigid and others they can't be pinned down on anything, such as in the case of Gemini. In the Sagittarius expression, this manifests as the desire and move to the greatest freedom and the rigidity in this quest. Freedom requires an abundance of energy that can only arise in a state where there is an environmental differential allowing for complex dissipation from the region of high energy to a region of lower energy. Otherwise, the only energy expression is the non-dissipative random ones. Mutability allows for complex transformations from one state to another and for an arrow of time.

The fixed mode of expression is continuity in its pure form. Here coolness and logic are the acme of expression, such as seen in the scientific approach of Aquarius. In the emotional intensity of Scorpio, we can see the rigidity and continuity of emotional flow, whether it is the expression of sexual power or emotional outpourings. With Taurus, we see the rigidity of position and stubbornness. The fixed expresses the laws as given in the context of cosmology which are immutable and set the stage for cycles of all kinds. It is the relationships between parts that function in a regular way that allow for determination and predictability.

The modes of astrology are therefore closely linked with the thoughts of contemporary cosmology, showing the continuity between the ancient and the modern. The modes are connected with the elements so that every combination possible is manifested and shown in the following list.

Aries is cardinal fire................indeterminate energetic/assertive
Taurus is fixed earth.................determinate practical/restraining
Gemini is mutable air.................chaotic mental/communicative
Cancer is cardinal water..............indeterminate intuitive/emotional
Leo is fixed fire.....................determinate energetic/assertive
Virgo is mutable earth................chaotic practical/restraining
Libra is cardinal air.................indeterminate mental/communicative
Scorpio is fixed water................determinate intuitive/emotional
Sagittarius is mutable fire...........chaotic energetic/assertive
Capricorn is cardinal earth...........indeterminate practical/restraining
Aquarius is fixed air.................determinate mental/communicative
Pisces is mutable water...............chaotic intuitive/emotional

This runs the gamut of all mixed types of expression from the solidly determinism of Taurus to the indeterminate randomness of Libra and the most chaotic expressed by Sagittarius.

But how does one resolve the apparent contradictions in some of the foregoing? Some connections are obvious and others are not readily apparent. But the understanding of a dialectical cosmos allows us to begin. Knowledge of the intricacies of complex dynamical systems will help to further us toward understanding. It is hard for instance as to how chaos can be lumped with practical and restraining action such as described for Virgo. However, a little description of turbulence is appropriate. Remember, chaos theory describes all types of phenomena between the continuous and the discrete, the determinate and indeterminate. As surrounding influences change in a dynamic system, it can change from a periodic or continuous state to one of total turbulence and randomness. Studies in non linear dynamics such as Verhulst Robert May and Feigenbaum dynamics show that within the chaos are points where quasiperiodicity self organize out of the chaotic conditions at certain crucial junctures. This is like eddies that establish a relatively steady state in a rapidly flowing river. Here the river is moving fast enough to break up the surface tension into chaotic and unpredictable patterns, but not so fast as to be totally random. Patterns of stability arise within the turbulence that will remain for as long as the surrounding conditions do not change beyond the limits within which these phenomena exist. A type of self contained Hamiltonian system within the eddies is maintained despite the surrounding turbulence. The eddies do not dissipate, but remain fixed to their location due to surrounding influences that help to preserve them. Thus there is a restraining, non-dissipative structure embedded within the turbulent and chaotic dynamical system. We can thus say the Virgo types are a more or less steady state dynamic within a turbulent matrix.

Looking at Capricorn, which is described as cardinal earth, indeterminate, practical and restraining, one runs into more apparent difficulties. But here once more, enlisting the help of chaotic dynamics, the situation is clarified. Capricorn is seen as the acme of practicality and restraint, the hallmarks of those who aspire to affluence and influence in the world of goal setting and power. Saturn rules it as defined in traditional astrological lore. Yet there is a quality of indeterminacy or discreteness. Goals are seen as separate and discrete quantities toward which one must aspire. The present position and the goal appear as two separate things, almost like the 'n' (2 or more) cycle dynamics of non-linear dynamics when quasiperiodic phenomena are being expressed. This state exists between pure determinism and randomness and manifests as discreteness, but events that have an established horizon of predictability within the confines of the limit cycles. This discreteness is also the rationalization of hierarchy where there is arbitrary division between the powerful and the powerless. It is an all or nothing mind set. Often goals are achieved by the application of restraint elsewhere as in wealth is obtained through the monetary restraint of all others. Here one side feeds off the other in a combined dissipative and anti-entropic dynamic. In astrological language, we thus see that the action of the pure Capricorn is to acquire practical goals and power, but because of the influence of its ruler Saturn, the outcome can end in several very predictable ways. But which way a Capricorn will end is dependent on many sensitive factors input by the rest of the horoscope. If Saturn is strong and well placed, the Capricorn native will likely achieve their goals, especially during positive transits. On the other hand, a weak Saturn can usually frustrate the native. Saturn being a malefic is usually weak, so only the occasional pure Capricorn will achieve outstanding success. But, we must keep in mind that there are very few pure Capricorns.

Aquarius, the other rulership of Saturn is much more easily defined. It is fixed air, determinate and of the mental and communicative mind set. Pure Aquarius types are the scientist and objective souls of the cosmos. Once an idea has been rigorously proved in their own minds, they become rigid in their worldview. Everything seems predictable if one knows all the conditions. Although there is an element of truth in this, the cosmos is so complex that one would need infinite knowledge to know the absolute outcome of anything. Nevertheless, once they become clarified in their worldview, they seek to express this to the rest of the world against the limitations imposed by differences in the cosmic constitutions of all other astrological types. Thus their real audience is small and often there is dispute from others by seemingly rigorous proofs on the opposite side. In the Many Histories Interpretation, all truths are present. No one can know the truth of another unless they are that person, or God, who is the whole of absolute total of manifestation and non-manifestation; seen and unseen, past, present and future which is another way of saying all of nature.

Moving on to Scorpio, we find that it is fixed water, determinate and intuitive/emotional. Scorpio is the polar axis sign to Taurus and thus has the stubbornness of Taurus. However this stubbornness is Martian and expresses itself through rigid and tenacious emotionalism. On the positive side, the intuitive character is hard to excel. There is little that can't be seen or felt at the gut level for the pure Scorpio type. Curiously, this seems to come out of nowhere for those who are not of a deterministic nature. But they see others through their own limits. Scorpio feels the emotional flow and as a consequence, has a distant horizon of predictability in their expression. The limit cycle of Scorpio is small and expression is usually of a very few fixed type.

Pisces is mutable water and associated with the characteristics of the chaotic and intuitive/emotional. Being the last sign of the tropical zodiac, it represents dissolution and dissipation into total randomness. In a word, it is entropy. Pisces being water is also intuition and emotion and thus represents a state in the pure form of emotional haphazardness. The intuitive side seems to tap into the turbulence of feelings swirling around it, so the intuition also appears to the random side of chaos. But this is not so much randomness within the native as the surrounding environment to which the native is sensitively responding. It is almost as if the pure Pisces type has no other identity than the flux of the surrounding environment. Indeed, this is where the empathy comes from that is characteristic of these natives.

The other signs are more self explanatory, but nevertheless, we shall delve into these in the context of contemporary chaos theory.

Aries is cardinal fire and as such is best described as indeterminate and energetic/assertive in terms of contemporary ideas. Of all the elements, fire is the most elusive, energetic and relates to the fifth state of matter known as plasma. Plasma is highly sensitive to surrounding influences of any size. Thus the state at any time of this fire sign is indeterminate, having a low horizon of predictability. One could say, where the spirit wills at any moment, is where Aries will go. Aries is fiercely independent and assertive, like its descriptive element, fire. Given enough freedom, anything is possible. Fire is the product of systems undergoing maximum entropy. Mars, being the ruler of Aries suggests a kind of scorched earth policy for the pure type. In the end, the order of the world is changed from the complex to the simple by reduction through entropy. It can be correctly stated that no new creation can occur without purging the world of the old and worn. The function of Aries is thus to purify by fire. That selfsame fire can be contained or rage uncontrollably, depending on the surrounding conditions in the environment which includes the planetary influences.

Taurus is by far the most rigid sign with a maximized horizon of predictability. Of Taurus, it can be stated that the native is ol' reliable. But ol' reliable can have a stubborn streak despite the charm that is used as a corollary of this trait. The charm of Taurus is best exemplified by the fact that the ancient science of pre Egyptian civilizations as well as the Egyptian which emphasized stability and massive structures that we strain to mimic poorly even today. The massive and solid building is typified in the Giza Pyramid, which models the Earth and solar system in a curios self-similar manner. Taurus is concerned with the practical in all its ramifications including long-range vision that is bent to serving practical ends. The ancient science was obsessed with long-range predictability and it is to them that we owe much for the foundation of our present understanding. The restraint of Taurus is a product of its tenaciousness and stubbornness; the refusal to change even in the face of overwhelming odds. It is like the rock in the midst of a swirling and turbulent river that sets one of the conditions for stable eddies downstream.

Gemini is often criticized for its seeming schizophrenic attitude to ideas. However, since these natives are mutable air, they typify dynamical systems that are chaotic in the mental/communicative expression. It is said of them, that they can describe both sides of the question in detail, but seem to lack the ability to synthesize them or at least choose one side over the other. It is they see all the trees in their detail, but fail to recognize the forest as a whole. Gemini's can be best compared to 2 or more cycle phenomena in recursion dynamics. In this state, 2 or more very well defined states can coexist simultaneously without apparent connections except through time. Indeed, Geminis can change their opinion over time to one of the complete opposite view and still maintain their balance despite what others would see as glaring contradictions. Geminis contain within themselves, the closest representation of the Many Histories Interpretation within a single individual, but not in simultaneity except for a fragmented and confusing view to others. With Mercury as their ruling planet, such changes in view are understandable. In strength, it is possible with these natives to hold 2 or more simultaneous views without becoming confused. If Mercury is weak, they will tend to flip between 2 or more ideas and identities through time.

Cancer according to its descriptive characterization is like the very element it is associated with; water. This cardinal sign is the acme of the indeterminate, the random. This sensitizes Cancer to subtle and surrounding influences making the intuitive state very keen. Cancer natives are also emotionally sensitive and pick up on the emotions of others around them. Cancers should be around positive and happy individuals, but this is not always possible, especially in a world or society in turmoil. The state of Cancer fluctuates, like the ruling Moon, between all possibilities emotionally. The emotions that flood in through the intuition contribute to the indeterminacy and hence the low horizon of predictability. Cancers may not be anywhere as far seeing or tenacious as Taurus, but they respond to the environment instantaneously, seeming to jump from one state to another without being in between. In this ability to adapt instantly, they leave ol' reliable in the intuitive dust. The storm that would ruin Taurus will leave Cancer feeling within their element.

The energy of Leo is like a nuclear melt down. It is long lasting and reliable. It just will not go away in a hurry, so fasten your seat belts! This comes from the rigidity of its mode that contributes to the determinate and energetic/assertive dynamic of Leo's expression. Leo is like the fire of the Sun, its ruler. The sun, within its function, is predictable for the middle term. What we mean by that is that we can rely on the sun for its seasonal appearances and the 11.2-yearcycle, but the latter can change and disappear altogether of many decades only to reappear. The horizon of predictability of Leo is to the middle of extremes between absolute determinism and total randomness. But on the whole, the sun maintains a constant of energy by a narrow margin of limits. Thus within this spectrum, there is determinism and reliability. During long lasting cycles, Leos can be either hot or not as hot.

Sagittarius on the other hand is mutable, changing fire that is best described as chaotic, energetic and assertive. What can be said of Sagittarius is that the energy dynamic fluctuates and sometimes rapidly. This fluctuation has a variable horizon of predictability, somewhat like fire tornadoes that accompany firestorms. We know that if there is a firestorm, there is a high degree of possibility of one or more fire vortexes or tornadoes manifesting. On the other hand, it there is no firestorm; the probability of a fire vortex is remote. This is how the dynamic of the Sagittarius native fluctuates between a high horizon of predictability and a very limited horizon of predictability. Very much depends upon the nature of the environment. Once again turbulence plays a part, but in a different fashion than the type described for Virgo. The turbulence is much less stable, rendering Sagittarius natives more volatile in their mutability. The energy of the native is entirely dependent upon surrounding conditions and astrological "environmental differentials". Thus the energy and assertiveness of Sagittarians is volatile, being dynamic one moment and absent the next. Sagittarians operate in fits and starts as a consequence. With a strong ruling Jupiter, this tendency experiences a smoothing characteristic. But a weak Jupiter tends to send the Sagittarius native into the human equivalent of fractal Brownian motion.

No person is an absolute pure type of zodiacal expression but contains elements from all regions of the cosmos. When a planet is in a particular region of the sky, it emphasizes and focuses the energies of that region and influences all in the surrounding environment. It is also true that planets will positively, negatively or neutrally impact all the other planets and condition their influences upon humanity. It is how planets can be enhanced in strength or be dissipated to non effect by the angular relationships they form with each other with the Sun or Earth as the focus of the radius vectors between planets. These details are examined elsewhere in the text and the reader is encouraged to read the appropriate sections dealing with individual planets.

astrology and chaos theory


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