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Explaining the Unexplainable: An Imaginative Look at Aliens, the Bible, Magic and Everything In-Between

Updated on October 2, 2010

The mysteries of reality are a puzzle


Imagine a world where the expectation of your soul’s redemption is fact; and another world, side-by-side, where you exist as a phantom without soul or spirit.  Speculate about what life would be like if your five senses were augmented by fifteen others.  What would it mean if UFO sightings were directly related to the Bible and Christianity?  Consider the possibility that magic is real and can be accessed for the good of mankind.  Reflect on the idea that vampires and dragons have existed.      

I have in my possession journals written by a close friend several years ago.  My friend was a dreamer and, in his own way, a philosopher.  He asked many questions and theorized what the answers might be.  He looked into the heavens and asked about both God and the universe.  He saw the universe as a puzzle and tried to make all the pieces fit.  In doing so, he attempted to understand and embrace fantastic possibilities—simply because he wished for everything to be possible.

The thoughts recorded in his journals were not new to me, although the depth of thought was somewhat a surprise.  We had theoretical discussions for decades, usually simultaneously mixed with my incessant basketball chatter.  The descriptions and explanations you are about to read are mine (offered at a fraction of the complexity of his original work), but the thoughts were his.

This article represents beliefs, theories and flights of imagination—nothing more. For the sake of brevity, I will not preface each statement with “he believed…” or “he theorized…”  I will simply state speculations in the same manner one would relay facts. 



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How well do the pieces fit?

The mysteries of the universe are numerous and complex
The mysteries of the universe are numerous and complex
Do humans have more than five senses?
Do humans have more than five senses?
Can the Bible explain why UFOs might visit Earth?
Can the Bible explain why UFOs might visit Earth?
Did God visit other inhabited worlds?
Did God visit other inhabited worlds?
Does a connection exist between God, mankind, and alien life forms?
Does a connection exist between God, mankind, and alien life forms?
Do numerous universes exist, side-by-side?
Do numerous universes exist, side-by-side?
Will man someday venture into time as well as space?
Will man someday venture into time as well as space?
Do vampires and other mythical creatures exist?  Did aliens contribute to their creation?
Do vampires and other mythical creatures exist? Did aliens contribute to their creation?
Are there "power spots" on Earth where magic is available to be harnessed, if only we knew how?
Are there "power spots" on Earth where magic is available to be harnessed, if only we knew how?
Could humans wield great power if their senses allowed us to perceive magical forces?
Could humans wield great power if their senses allowed us to perceive magical forces?

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together

Understanding Human Potential

Human potential evinces itself in the use of many more than the five senses men are credited with possessing. Some are likely unused while others remain accessible but unrecognized for what they are. Luck, coincidences and peak performances are possibly the utilization of “unacknowledged” senses. Children have the ability to access these senses, explaining why young people sometimes appear aware of ghosts or other paranormal phenomena. Extra senses might explain a child’s ability to learn very quickly. Unfortunately, as children are taught what the world is and is not (and the explanation invariably includes only five senses), the ability to use these gifts recede.

(Have you ever thought you saw a ghost? You might have, but there might be another explanation. There may be far more inhabitants of the planet Earth than we realize. A separate lineage of humans or another species perhaps live side-by-side with mankind, invisible because our five senses are different and incompatible with those used by the other species. They would certainly live differently or mankind would notice a competition for natural resources, but there is no reason Earth could not offer a wealth of resources undetected by our known senses. Tapping into unutilized senses might cause these creatures to be detected.)

Magic as a Force

Magic is an energy that can be harnessed, perhaps also by the use of mankind’s “extra” senses. “Power spots” on Earth exist where magic is easily accessible—likely places of historically unusual occurrences. Stonehenge, the Pyramids in Egypt, the Bermuda Triangle, Israel and perhaps Salem, Massachusetts all have “power spot” potential. The ability to utilize magic might also be interpreted as performing miracles.

Man Possesses a Soul

Man has an immortal soul (referred to as being “ensouled”). Animals possibly possess a “spirit” but not a soul, and the spirit is capable of being reincarnated into a higher life form. Mythological creatures exist and are/were ensouled, as well; vampires, dragons and centaurs are likely to possess souls. Not all humans have souls, however—at least not in this reality.

Alternate Realities

An infinite number of alternate realities are apt to exist. The choices we make in life establish our reality, and numerous planes of existence represent a multitude of choices available for every man and woman. Everyone has a primary reality in which we live a life closest to our ideal. We are ensouled in this reality.

Alternate realities that come closest to our ideal without reaching it are planes where we exist as beings with a “spirit.” In such a world, we might be happy and successful, but perhaps feel a lacking—a lack of love or an undistinguished career, for example. Humans with a spirit but not a soul are often nurturers, fulfilling supporting roles in the universe of ensouled beings. The decisions which create these realities are not always immutable, and further choices may guide one back to their primary reality and a merging with their ensouled selves. When this happens, we notice paradoxes or inconsistencies in popular beliefs, events are “misremembered,” and things we believed are certainties might be proven untrue.

The tragic figures in life—those that cannot conform or succeed on any terms and appear destined to live their lives as a loser—exist without souls. These beings think and feel and are as real as anyone else, but they do not have souls. In the multitude of realities, each of us inhabit all variations of existence—living in our primary reality as an ensouled being; living multiple realities as beings with a spirit, and still more realities as shadows—persons without soul or substance.

There can be a convergence of decisions affecting a single individual taking place on “power days.” When this occurs, a finite number of life paths are available to choose from. If the convergence is so powerful and all-encompassing that only one life path emerges, it becomes a “pre-destined event,” making specific occurrences inevitable.


John Lennon wrote a song about instant karma, and the premise is logical. It is possible to describe karma as an alternate reality—i.e., the effect of our actions. The concept of moving to a higher spiritual plane (enspirited to ensouled) allows man to work toward a moral life’s path, even in the face of “inevitable” decisions. Existing in multiple realities, man has the opportunity to experience the consequences of all past and present actions simultaneously, erasing karma through a non-linear life progression.


If alien races existed, why would they visit Earth? A possibility is found in the roots of Christianity. If God sent His son to Earth, he either sent an aspect of himself to many planets in the universe with intelligent life, or Earth is unique. If God’s presence on Earth has never been duplicated on any other world with sentient beings, Earth becomes the de facto religious and spiritual Mecca of the universe. Alien races might actually see Earth as a shrine, or at worst a tourist trap—beings from other worlds would certainly want to see the planet God personally visited.

Why would God visit Earth and no other inhabited world? Searching for answers again within the boundaries of Christianity, perhaps only humans are ensouled and capable of salvation. If aliens are without souls, the children of aliens mating with humans could theoretically become human enough to be ensouled, and thus another reason to visit Earth suggests itself—for an alien species to gain a soul would suggest at least the possibility of salvation. A second idea: if there are half-human, half-alien beings in the universe, visiting Earth might be viewed a homecoming.


The first vampires, werewolves and other half-human creatures are likely the result of interactions between humans and alien races. Humans are transformed into these powerful creatures either through mating with aliens or perhaps being attacked by them. A creature drinking human blood might leave traces of their own DNA in the human body while feasting, altering the human body. Other magical creatures including fairies, nymphs, sprites, gnome, leprechauns or elves likely originated through similar means.

Time Travel

Man will eventually conquer time and space, traveling throughout both ages and galaxies. It is logical to assume man will contact and interact with life forms from other worlds. Time travel might become possible through scientific advancement, or if man were able to more fully understand time as a force of energy. If one were able to utilize all senses fully, a comprehension of time might result, making possible the ability to travel forward or backward. A few individuals may currently be capable of time travel, but do not necessarily visit other eras.

Time travel will allow for the dawning of a new age, clarifying ages-old mysteries. It will allow us to know that hope and answers always exist, and will likely lead to unification of both major world governments and religions. The urge to summon the future and change the past will demonstrate that theoretical time-travel paradoxes exist. Man will discover universal laws that prevent using time as a tool—for example, it might be physically impossible to visit a moment in time and space where one currently exists, and man would be unable to “meet” himself in another era.

Traveling through time and space will be the means to spread the word throughout the universe that God visited Earth. As man moves into the heavens, aspects of his culture will be carried into the cosmos, as well. When the idea that Earth is special spreads, others will come.

Read these words and wonder

I am not advocating or defending the ideas expounded here; nor do I ask anyone to embrace them. It is presented only as an example of the wonder and imagination of a man attempting to understand the world around him. I would suggest many of the ideas presented here are plausible if unlikely, similar to many strongly-held causes and beliefs. Think of this as a story—a fantasy about a world where everything is possible. Read these words and dream.

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