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Karma: How It Works

Updated on September 17, 2014 | Source


Karma is a term given to describe how one's life and destiny will be like according to one's own previous,current and future actions.

Buddhism gave this statement this title, it explained it as any action consisting of speaking, thinking and acting and in other words: verbal, mental and physical consecutively.

It is still unclear how people invented this term but it has got worldwide spread ever since the Buddhists gave further and detailed explanations to this term.

How Was It Defined?

Hinduism stated many definitions to Karma and its principles.


" Now as a man is like this or like that.

According to how he acts and how he behaves, he shall be.

A man of good deeds and acts will be good, while a man of bad deeds and acts will be bad,

He becomes pure and good by pure deeds and bad by bad actions and deeds.

A person has many desires, however his desire would be like he would be as it is and whatever his will would be so is his deed.

Whatever deed he does, he will reap. "

This is not how exactly it was written, this is just a simpler to understand explanation to their writings and definitions.

Karma Has A Flower That Represents It

Lotus Flower

The lotus flower represents karma in many Asian countries, obviously it's one of their traditions.

The lotus flower is one of the very few flowers that blooms while keeping and having seeds inside itself, the flower for some is considered as a reminder that no matter how one can grow, he/she can always be sharing good karma and keeping unstained and clean even during hard and dirty circumstances.

Discussion: How Does It Work?

How does karma work?

Many questions may arise concerning this subject because it can be also explained as the unending circle, what goes around comes around and what you do,say and think about others comes back to you too so in other words it's more like a circle or it is the circle itself.

If we think about it as a circle and how unending it is then we can somehow think or reach to a conclusion that perhaps the world too is unending or is it (karma) just unending as long as the world has no ending? Yes this might be the answer.

Let's say a man just cheated on his woman, the world revolves around yes so the man will get that back whether from his previous woman -if he gets back to her- or from the new one, does that mean that his previous woman or the new one -whether there's cheating- will get to have that without getting to an end to having this situation getting repeated again and again? Or will it just stop happening once they learn and stop doing it too?

If things get returned to you exactly or somehow more in a bit than what you have done them then what was that woman's fault in getting cheated on knowing that she didn't do any similar thing before in her life, or did she do that in her past life?

Many questions would remain unanswered and it's okay if we don't get to know them all, in fact that's why they're hidden. Well, unless there's a big necessity for us to know about them and their answers.

What about you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and let's know your point of view.

Meanwhile, I hope this was understandable and interesting to read, to check out more interesting topics please follow the links mentioned below!

The Lotus Flower Blossoming On Lily Pads! | Source

What Do You Think?!

Do you think there's an ending to karma once an action ends to get happening too?

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    • RanaKm profile image

      RanaKm 3 years ago

      Thank you! I tried to explain the thoughts I had about it, I do have many other thoughts inside but sometimes I just don't feel capable of expressing them, I'm glad this was great! I appreciate that really! Thank you! :)))

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Great discussion of karma, such a misunderstood topic in this day and age. You give some keen insights here, voted up.