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Tips To Help You Recover From A Long Lasting Relationship

Updated on September 16, 2014 | Source

Did You Just Have A Break Up?

I know it's sad and I know you never want to end it if the whole thing was within your own hands and that's if it really matters to you to never let go but sometimes things happen and that's how life works, a lot of people come to our lives, a lot of them leave and teach us lessons and a lot of them never leave and they teach us too so in both cases we're having the same results but maybe not the same feelings and thoughts.

Here are the things that you should be following in order to get rid of your negativity and sad thoughts, take it from a whole different point of view so you can get into it and really feel it and try to open up your mind to positive things more than negative things.

1- If you feel like crying

If you feel like you want to cry then yes please, let it all out and cry however you want.

Crying actually cleans your eyes and relieves you big time! Don't give up to this drama though and just get your needs of crying and don't over-react with crying because:

1- Would he/she cry for you too?

2- Would crying solve your break up?

3- Will you feel productive after this?

4- Is it really worth it?

Ask yourself these questions and answer them between you and yourself and you shall be getting to my point. | Source

2- Be The Good One

Have no faults, make it be your bf/gf's fault for the break up. This way, you won't ever be feeling guilty and thus your hurt and pain wouldn't be increasing.

If it's you the one who caused the break up then I say you should apologize and try to be sincere with the one who have always appreciated and trusted you, let things end on ice and not on fire.

Forgiveness and acceptance are your best cures here.

3- Don't Think Too Much!

Thinking too much can only make things worse especially if you keep your thoughts rotating about negative and mixed thoughts.

1- It'll tire your brain.

2- You'll lose your concentration.

3- You'll lose moments of your life focusing on negativity.

Instead, change your thinking and look for things to do, get yourself busy and don't give up when life gives you some bad and painful situations, show life you're stronger than this.

Extra tip:

A lot of people listen to sad songs when they pass through sad times in general, music can play a very important role into changing your mood and your feelings so my advice for you is to listen to happy songs! Check more info about this subject in this interesting article below!


This is life, when we can't change it we have to accept it even when it's really hard to accept things but at least and if we look from the bright side, things happen for reasons and I'm sure that things go along with your sake even if you think they're bad, they might be good but you wouldn't actually be realizing this until an incident happens to prove you this.

Move on and see for yourself how you'll be better with time, in the end time is the first important factor that can heal things so give things time.

Just turn the page, open up a clean white page and give it a beautiful happy title in your mind!

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