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Minimum Wage Verses Hourly Increase; Is it Moral and make the job worth more?

Updated on October 10, 2017

Are the Jobs and Careers Worth the Money?

The Minimum Wage is about to increase in some states. The jobs, the work, and careers are being reviewed for the future increase. With people looking for employment, jobs and work, the minimum wage job may be the only avenue that the job seeker can take and might have to work it, even for a short duration.

The Minimum Wage and Corruption

The Minimum Wage is to increase per hour in some states at the first of the year for the least amount of money per hour that is supposed to be paid for regular work. This does not include some farm, hospitals and specialized jobs. For those employees that are lucky enough to get a yearly increase might not come out as good because of the tactics being used. There are many supporters in each state to increase the minimum wages and to help the employees receive fair treatment. .

  • Morally and ethically, if there should be a 30 cents across the board, everyone would be increased by the same amount. The corrupted, the greedy and the dishonest financial directors and human resource personnel of the corporations, businesses and companies are trying to give those poor people who are under the poverty level the cost of living raises first, before the minimum wage goes up, then raise them up to the minimum wage. This is greed and corruption beyond evil!

The poor people who are working below the minimum wage are having a hard enough time, just to put food on the table, pay rent and to put gas in the tank to come to work. Those in charge do not even seem to care except for the love of the all mighty dollar. They do not even care for their fellow human brother or sister. The profit from those corporations are directed to the upper elite and CEO's leaving those who are doing the actual work to the wolves with the bare necessities to live. The companies believe that people are easy to replace and with the economy being so bad, people looking for jobs, employment and careers will easily replace those who do not want to work those minimum wage jobs.

When will the employees find out that it cost more to work than it is to stay at home? The employees just might if this underhanded wage cut is done. If the companies do not want to pay the employees a fair and decent wage, the company will soon lose the best people and replace those quality people with the bottom of the job pool, with those who have drug problems and those who have mental problems. Who suffers from the corrupt and dishonest companies who take the hard earned wage from those who are working for it? Everyone! Look at the customer service and the quality of the merchandise.

Those companies who care, those who award their employees with decent wages and those companies who promote are the winners. They have loyal, dedicated and happy employees. Those who use the corruption, deceit, greed and dishonest acts will soon have dishonest, corrupt and deceitful employees. They learn by watching, listening and by receiving. They do learn the facts. They may not be able to correct the problems or be able to get another job, but they will learn how corrupt the corporation operates. The job, the career and the direction of the employee as well as the job should be always be praised because these are what is making the company.

The employees are trying to live and survive on minimum wage while the big banks, corporations and governments try to take their hard earned money though greed, dishonest acts and deceit. The employees are getting tired of going home each pay period with holes in their bread basket of money. Maybe this is why the occupy status is being established in many towns and cities. The people are finally seeing what is happening and trying to bring about justice..




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