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Mind and Brain

Updated on July 25, 2012

Mind and Brain are two different realities

Mind comes from the cosmos and the brain focuses it like and antenna to interact locally and specifically in the cosmos. Many brains, many world views, one mind, one ultimate reality.
Mind comes from the cosmos and the brain focuses it like and antenna to interact locally and specifically in the cosmos. Many brains, many world views, one mind, one ultimate reality. | Source

Cosmos and Antenna

The brain is marvelously adapted to living and sensing everything in its environment out to the furthest reaches of the cosmos. Yet, the brain and all the attached senses is focused on a very narrow band and range of frequencies. There is a lot more that we cannot sense than there is that we can. It is known that the cosmos influences the brain and that each frequency in the brain can be attributed to a specific planetary vibration of similar frequency as each specific manifestation. Before you say that this is not so, consider the transference of vibration from one tuning fork to another or a radio transmitter and receiver or in the case of the laser. One vibrates and the other that is tuned to that vibration, will pick it up provided that it is on the same frequency. Further, vibration can be pumped to increase the intensity. Without that phenomenon, transmitter and receiver cannot interact. We can therefore say that the mind is the cosmos, and the brain serves as the tuned receiving antenna and interacts with the physical earth and cosmos in response to the input from the cosmos-mind. This is a classic feedback system that is seen in many aspects of nature. The cosmos-mind influences the brain and the brain in turn then directs the body to act on the cosmos. Another way that this is being stated today in the quantum realm is that the observer affects the observed and the observed affects the observer.

Then there is quantum entanglement, a reality that is now verified and explained in sources such as “What the Bleep do We Know Anyway”. Very specifically arranged experiments by Alain Aspect et al and Gisin have proven the idea that everything is interconnected instantaneously on the quantum level over the extent and breadth of the entire cosmos. This in itself suggests that we have an intimate link with the cosmos. Most of this is filtered out except for that narrow range of frequencies to which we are tuned. As people differ, so too is what we can receive and project. This quantum entanglement makes sense when we consider that the origins of the cosmos is from a single infinitesimal point. For the most part, the cosmos appears to function along a very specific set of laws, but every now and then, cosmologists notice something incongruous and this causes more questions, experiments and understanding. We have learned that the cosmos is conditionally stable. In the case of planetary orbits, that no two are an exact discrete fraction or multiple of any other. Were there any resonances, obits would change radically with some disastrous consequences for the more easily influenced planet. It already happens with meteoroids, asteroids and comets. On the one hand, it makes finding a neat system of correlations impossible, but on the other hand, by relying on direct sky observation, we can continue to do this only so long as there is that annoying dissonance. We can find pairs that are close to resonance, but not exact nor discrete. That dissonance also filters from the cosmic mind into the amorphous entity called the human mind that is picked up by the biological antenna called the brain that then functions in the cosmos in the physical here and now.

As we know, the cosmos can be a place of radical and extreme change mediated though catastrophe. Catastrophe can be the end of one order of things and the birth of the new, as all new creation can only come if something else is destroyed. Another way of saying this, is the law of cause and effect, or as some would say; karma. According to the eight limbs of yoga, karma yoga is the most important. It is the interface where individual interacts with the cosmos and other individuals. In the cosmos of the eternal now, karma is fulfilled at the moment of the continuous now. Everything follows these laws and cycles. When we have the correct view of time, then this is not a source of problems, nor is it disconnected. Though there is the limit of the velocity of light, there is also the instantaneous interconnectedness of quantum entanglement. We said that this requires specialized conditions. This was once thought to be so for the laser, but we have since found natural lasers in the cosmos. It is only a matter of time before we encounter natural entanglement.

Most people are unaware of the cosmic influence, but this does not negate it. The earth is littered every where with the evidence of this belief as are the main stories of all religions. We are by and large unaware due to our alienation from direct contact with the cosmos, except for the fact of our own manufactured landscapes such as cities, malls, factories and the like. We could not even exist unless it was for a host of converging conditions in the cosmos that allow for this existence. Most places in the cosmos do not allow for our kind of manifestation. The earth does and in the process allows for the emergence of life and the possibility for interaction of the cosmic mind with biological antennae.

We cannot pretend to know all the vast complexities of this interrelationship, just as it is virtually impossible to solve totally for the multi-bodied problem of the cosmos. The cosmic mind is far more vast than any individual, limited in time and space. The cosmos is ageless and boundless in comparison. It cycles between manifestation and non manifestation, each round differing from all others and during the context of a single evolution.

There is a war for the control of mind, but it is futile

Cosmos through time and memory

Everything is interconnected through time and space
Everything is interconnected through time and space | Source

Comic Memory and the Akashic Record

As the cosmos exists in the constant now and as we have observed, in a state of sensitive dependence and delicate balance there arises an important question as to just how this is effect beyond the moment. The fundamental forces operate in such a manner where everything is finely tuned to extreme minutae. One has to wonder how this process can continue through what is called the arrow of time, unless we invoke some form of memory. This to many is a radical concept when applied to cosmology, but how else can we account for the seeming knowing of all the planets, just where to go through the continual movement of the now, and time as we have found is change manifested from the discrete action of the quantum. Now the ancients, particularly from the Vedas, suggest that this memory is what makes up the Akashic (sky memory) record and we as the expression of the cosmic mind, are part of that process, held in memory of the cosmos to flow in the constant now with the cosmos as the comic mind filters into the antenna-brain to observe and interact with the very cosmos that contains all there is. This then is a marvelous feedback loop that encompass the breadth of all manifestation.

The concept also suggests that the planets and stars have a consciousness, not like what we call consciousness that varies depending on whether we are awake, concentrating, meditation, stoned, drunk, agitated or asleep. The consciousness is altogether different than ours, just as ours differs from microbes that have no concept of our consciousness. Each has a specific role in the hole in a finely tuned system fro the quantum up to the whole universe and perhaps beyond. Further, each part of the system seems to have its own laws of function that do not apply to others. At least we have not found a universal system of thought that can apply to everything. There are hypotheses in large numbers and each has proven a challenge to turn into a working theory. One of the best ideas we have been given is from Einstein who stated that the cosmos appears to be like a great mind in action.


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