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How to Get Started Ghost Hunting or Paranormal Investigating.

Updated on October 19, 2013
PI Equipment; K-2 meter, voice recorder, EMF dtector, full spectrum camera.
PI Equipment; K-2 meter, voice recorder, EMF dtector, full spectrum camera. | Source
Pendulum | Source

Building an equipment case for cheap. No need to make a major investment.

Types of paranormal investigation groups to choose from

Have you always wanted to be a Ghost Hunter? If you are looking into participating in Paranormal Investigation's (Ghost Hunts), how do you go about finding or choosing a group?

There are many groups out there and all of them have different philosophies and methods. The most basic types of groups out there are as follows:

  • Thrill seekers; these groups are all about having a good time and creating a thrilling enjoyable experience. These groups may or may not be presenting legitimate evidence, focus is placed on the experience and how thrilling or spooky a location is. These groups may integrate many tools of the trade into their hunts or nothing at all.
  • Spiritual / Energy; This type of a group has its roots in Psychic phenomenon, and energy work, they will often work with or as mediums or psychics. Use tools such as pendulums, dowsing rods, Ouija boards, séance, or simply rely on the designated psychic or medium to provide guidance or information. These groups also integrate photography, voice recorders and other equipment into there investigations. Their main focus is contacting the dead.
  • Skeptical / Scientific; This type of group tries to measure data, and capture evidence, during an investigation. With the evidence that they capture and data collected they try to prove, or debunk any phenomenon that may have been experienced. These groups commonly use voice recorders, photography, temperature readings, infrared or full spectrum photography, Electromagnetic field devices (EMF meters or K-2 meter), and more to collect their data. This type of groups main focus is on validating or disproving experiences.

With a variety of groups available, the best way to select one is to choose one that aligns with your interest and philosophies on the paranormal. If you are still developing a philosophy you may just want to go out on some investigations to help yourself form an opinion.

How to find a Paranormal Group.

There are many paranormal organazations nationwide here are some good ways to locate one to join or to participate in an investigation.

  • Community Ed; many community education coarses run ghost hunting classes, those classes are often run by experienced Ghost Hunters that often have groups of there own or can connect you with other local groups, also other classmates may be members of existing groups. The community Ed classes usually take the class on Investiagations as part of the class content, so the class alone can provide a great deal of learning and experience as an introduction to Paranormal Investigation.
  • Paranormal lectures, and conventions are another good place to find groups. This can be beneficial as you will get a feel for the the philosophy that the group or individual subscribes to by listening to their presentation.
  • Online searches for local ghost hunting groups provide a good source for locating groups, and group contacts in your area. If they have developed a web page it will most commonly give a background of the group and let you know their criteria for accepting new members.

Ghost hunting pitfalls to avoid.

When selecting a paranormal group to investigate with, there are a few things to be aware of.

  1. It is usually a bad sign if the group or individual is asking for unjustified fees. There are often nominal fees to be paid or donated to locations. These fees are usually to pay an employee who will be letting you in or to show appreciation for a business/organaization allowing you on site. Some groups may have a membership fee that should also be small, and this fee is usually put toward equipment fees for the group or funding deposits. If you are being asked to pay a fee that seems to have no real justifiable purpose, proceed with caution or don't go any further. Also beware if you are being asked to pay for the use or rental of equipment.
  2. On a similar note watch out if someone is trying to charge for psychic services, or seems to be charging just to be in your presence. Paranormal Investigating (Ghost Hunting) is a self funded hobby there are individuals who would like to exploit this hobby for their own benefit.
  3. Make sure that the group you are going with has gotten approval from whomever necessary to be at the location you are visiting.
  4. Safety first, make sure you have flashlights and know a thing or two about the area you will be in to avoid encounters with the undeniable dangers of this realty.

Overall just use your common sense and intuition if something does not seem right then it probably is not.


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