Speak out for Rimsha Masih today!

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    We are so grateful for the response to our campaign for Rimsha Masih! If you have not yet taken action on her behalf, please take a moment to send your message now!

    On August 17th Rimsha, a young Christian girl with learning disabilities, was arrested on charges of 'blasphemy' in Islamabad, Pakistan. She was accused of burning pages of the Quran, a serious crime under Pakistan's infamous blasphemy laws.

    Punishment for desecrating the Quran carries a potential life sentence in prison. After an initial court appearance and a medical examination, Rimsha was held in detention for about 3 weeks before being released on bail.

    Rimsha was taken away by helicopter accompanied by tight security, as vigilante killings of those accused and acquitted of blasphemy charges are common in Pakistan

    A witness came forward saying that a local cleric planted the pages of the Quran in Rimsha's bag of trash and that the accusations against her are false. And now this very cleric has been arrested.

    But Rimsha’s situation is far from resolved. She is still facing charges of blasphemy and if found guilty faces a serious sentence. Police have requested more time to finalize their investigation and charge sheet against Rimsha, so we are currently awaiting her next court hearing.

    In the meantime, we need to press the Pakistani authorities to drop all charges against Rimsha and to ensure her safety.

    Given the recent events of unrest in the Muslim world, Rimsha and her family are in even greater need of protection and a just resolution to this case.

    The public outcry on behalf of Rimsha has had an amazing impact on this case and we believe continued efforts to advocate for her will make a difference.

    Please help Rimsha by emailing Pakistan's Ambassador to the U.S.»

    Show Pakistani Christians that they are not alone by contacting Ambassador Sherry Rehman, Pakistan's Ambassador to the U.S.,asking Pakistan to protect and ensure justice for young Rimsha »

    Thank you for your prayerful action!

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