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    DeaneMcposted 9 years ago

    He placed one scoop of clay upon another until a form lay lifeless on the ground...
    All were silent as the Creator reached in himself and removed something yet unseen.
    "It's called 'choice' The seed of choice".
    Creation stood in silence and gazed upon the lifeless form. An angel spoke, but what if he..."
    "What if he chooses not to love?" the Creator finished. "Come, I will show you."
    Unbound by today, God and the angel walked into the realm of tomorrow...
    The angel gasped at what he saw. Spontaneous love. Voluntary devotion. Never had he seen anything like these...
    The angel stood speechless as they passed through centuries of repugnance. Never has he seen such filth. Rotten hearts. Ruptured promises. Forgotten loyalties....
    The Creator walked on in time, further and further into the future, until he stood by a tree. A tree that would be fashioned into a cradle. Even then he could smell the hay that would surround him...
    "Wouldn't it be easier to not plant the seed? Wouldn't it be easier to not give the choice?"
    "It would the Creator spoke slowly. But to remove the choice is to remove the love.
    They stepped into the Garden again. The Maker looked earnestly at the clay creation.
    A monsoon of love swelled up within him. He had died for the creation before he had made him. God's form bent over the sculptured face and breathed. Dust stirred on the lips of the new one. The chest rose, cracking the red mud. The cheeks fleshened. A finger moved. And an eye opened. But more incredible than the moving of the flesh was the stirring of the spirit. Those who could see the unseen gasped. Perhaps what the star saw was what has made it blink ever since.
    Maybe it was left to the angel to whisper it: "It looks appears like... it is him!"
    The angel wasn't speaking of the face, the features, or the body. He was looking inside the soul. "It's eternal ! gasped another Within the man, God had placed a divine seed. A seed of his self. The God of might had created, not a creature, but another creator. And the One who had chosen to love had created one who could love in return. Now it's our choice.

    Can you think of a moment or time in your life that seemed to spectacular for man that you just know with all your heart and every fiber of your being, you experienced the very essence of God?
    There have been things that have happened in my life that I know without any doubt if it wasn't for God, I would not be alive. I have no way to explain it that makes any sense to anyone and it makes me sound crazy but it was such an awesome event only God could have saved me and the people I was with.
    A group of people from the church and I went on a trip. We went to TBN studio and received a really good message from a few different Ministers. After it was over and we went out to eat and it was getting rather late at night. There was seven of us in this vehicle, we were talking and singing and having a good time. The Pastor of our church was driving and he realized there was this eighteen wheeler coming up on us very fast. There was road construction and on the left of us was a brick wall, to the right of us was those great big orange barrels that they use on construction sites to divide the road. There was no where for us to go. The Pastor had to decide what to do and there was not enough space to weave in and out of those barrels. Some of the people in the van yelled Blessed Jesus and it happened so fast, it is a moment you are just speechless, it was as if God just lifted us up and that truck went on by and the next thing I knew, we were behind the truck and there was no explanation how it happened. It was absolutely amazing and WOW !!! Talk about prayer working and the name of the Lord being powerful. We talked about that and tried to figure out every detail the rest of the way home. Let me tell you. Jesus Saves. Sounds crazy don't it? It's not. To this day I stand amazed at the things the Lord has done. That is just one.
    Praise God for the precious blood of Jesus and his saving grace.
    Jesus Is Very Much Alive !!!