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  1. Jesus_saves_us_7 profile image72
    Jesus_saves_us_7posted 9 years ago

    what is the differences in all the denominations? Why should there be so many? A follower of Christ is still a follower of Christ...right?

    what are the differences in the denominations? example: what is the difference between a baptist and a methodist? or between pentecostal and orthadox? and so on.

  2. Rochelle Frank profile image95
    Rochelle Frankposted 9 years ago

    Jesus stays the same. People  prescribe the differences.

  3. Jesus_saves_us_7 profile image72
    Jesus_saves_us_7posted 9 years ago

    thank you, i was just wondering.  i don't know all the denominations.

  4. Nickny79 profile image69
    Nickny79posted 9 years ago

    One might consider them to be different styles of worship.  Different peoples, ethnicities and temperments require a different brand of Christianity.  What's appropriate for Texas is not appropriate for Connecticut.  What makes Catholics in Sicily tick is very different that what appeals to Lutherans in Wittenburg.  God loves variety and celebrates diversity in all his denomations.