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Where do we begin UNDERSTANDING Atheist, non-conformist and all other?

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    jgrimes331posted 8 years ago

    Where do we begin to act with understanding concerning another's point of view?  Especially on religion?  Recently I had a personal encounter with someone who, adamantly believed that my posed questions on Atheism were an attempt to cram down my own religious beliefs down her boyfriend & people's throats.  It took me several threads to, I HOPE, convince her that I was inquiring for the purpose of philosophical research and PEACE.  She told me to mind my own business.  But, as most of you know, I have a hard time doing that.  I make my living off of field research and understanding.  I can't mind my own business, because then I'd be on welfare.  Anyhow I love my work passionately.

    How do we except to compromise without understanding?  How are we to obtain knowledge of peoples lifestyle, beliefs and culture in the spirit of peace without asking questions?  Why do people feel offended when a Christian asks an Atheist a question?  Why do Christians think that Atheist and Agnostic's are people who hate God?  Why do Atheist and other non-believers in God feel ALL Christians are out to cram right wing, fanatical religious fundamentalists views down their throats?  When a person understands or at the VERY least acknowledges other persons position- why is it then wrong to probe further into their personal belief system, without having outsiders gang up on you and telling you to use common sense.  Common sense has NO place in research.  It serves no other purpose than leading people to only persume for themselves what another is thinking.  Do you agree?  Why is it wrong to ask clear and frank questions?  So maybe you take the question personally- what gives you the right to attack the hubber who is asking them?  Knowledge leads to understanding, freedom, compassion and joy.  Isn't that what all of us wish for this world?  Please take the time to answer this post.  I respectfully want to know. 

    Since I have been here a mere 3 weeks, I have participated in many forum posts.  I have gotten caught up in moments where severe sarcasm has been play.  Only to appear as a right winged Christian myself.  I have since learned from that experience, apologized and moved on. 

    In the fairness of debate and with ease and comfort in the name of peace and research, I would like everyone to tackle the issues I have listed above.

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      Lady Guinevereposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I wrote a hub on those things.  Ask, Seek Find or something like that.

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    jgrimes331posted 8 years ago

    Are you sure you're not my long lost twin?  I didn't see it on your site.  I'm apologize.  Man we do think alike!  I am starting to think that in a past life or two, yours and my paths were once intertwined.big_smile 

    Well folks, that makes me wonder....?  If this is repetition.  Please don't hesitate to comment.  It is all new to me. 

    Thanks Lady Guin!