The complexity of the universe

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    CJ Simonelliposted 4 years ago

    The magnificence and complexity of the universe, of the earth, of the human body and mind, of the baby in the womb, of the unseen forces of love, faith, creativity, drive, worship and so on ALL give powerful testimony of the Creator! To claim ANY of the billions of wonderful creations and unseen forces is the result of random chance is to expect belief in the absurd and impossible; to take these countless brilliant masterpieces and to claim they ALL are the result of random chance is to demand we throw out any sense or logical impulse within us and believe what is infinitely beyond belief or sensibility! Suppose someone showed you a storage room full of toys and said, "No one created any of these toys, but over time by chance happenings, this doll, this wagon, this etch-a-sketch, this toy train, this jack-in-the-box, this toy dog, this action figure, and so on came to be without any creator. They then revealed "evidences" of the claim the toys did in fact change with the elements so that they could melt, mold, fade, etc., and the toys it was found were very similar in their material so that it seemed they could have originated from similar material long ago. Ridiculous, yes, but far less ridiculous than the proposed randomness in the origins of the infinitely greater universe. A single cell, once thought to be simple, is so complex it performs much like a large city, while DNA can be compared to a very complex computer program ( (2014). The Origin of Life Did Not Happen by Chance). We would NEVER believe the computer program or the city came into existence without a creator. How is it that we recognize the impossibility of spontaneous or random existence of the things PEOPLE CREATED, and yet are willing to believe that we who are so complex we create things too complex to occur by chance, can ourselves by simple chance come into existence with not just one incredibly complex cell, but an entire body and soul of mind-blowing complexity too great for present understanding? No matter the defenses and explanations contrived for it, the proposal of pure randomness without any intelligent design and without any purpose or meaning that nonetheless just as successfully and brilliantly leads to all that is within us and within our world, is not only undeniably absurd and impossible, it is downright hostile to the God-designed logical mind!

    1. Disappearinghead profile image76
      Disappearingheadposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Asking people to use reason to belive in God is one thing, and you may indeed find some success. But asking people to accept your manmade religion which defies reason is quite another. Good luck with the latter.

    2. profile image0
      Rad Manposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Because your mind can't comprehend something you assume everyones minds can't comprehend it and so you invent something even more incomprehensible to create what you can't comprehend. If everything needs to be created then who or what created the creator?

  2. psycheskinner profile image82
    psycheskinnerposted 4 years ago

    On what basis do you think things not run by a God cannot be complex?  You do realize the alternative is not "random chance" right?  It is other phenomena, primarily spontaneous variation shaped by natural selection,  that cause complexity.


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