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What is your favorite trait of a Pisces?

  1. deecoleworld profile image82
    deecoleworldposted 3 years ago

    What is your favorite trait of a Pisces?


    Let me know!!!

    1. Richawriter profile image93
      Richawriterposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Hey Deecoleworld,

      It seems I have the honor of being the first to add to this.

      I'm a Pisces myself (I guess you must be too) and so I've explored what it is and means to be one quite deeply.

      I love how Pisceans are naturally in tune with nature, the rhythms of the world and other people. We are able to intuit the emotions of others and this makes us great at counseling or simply being there as a listener when someone needs to release.

      I also love that pisceans are idealistic and tend to seek the best in everyone and everything.

      Our imaginations are also boundless and I remember how I could daydream for an hour as a kid!!

      It's wonderful to be a Pisces!

      Thanks for this timely forum post!

      Have a great day.


      1. deecoleworld profile image82
        deecoleworldposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Such a beautiful response... I'm not a Pisces I'm an Aries, but I do have Pisces influence in my natal chart. Pisces are definitely the dreamers of the zodiac. Some people say that Jesus Christ was a Pisces (Christianity I believed began during the Age of Pisces). Thank You for your loving response ... btw I recently wrote a hub on Pisces if you want to check it out. Have  wonderful day/night smile

  2. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    Pisces, if he/she has a HIGH SENSE of SELF and KNOWING, can ascend to the HIGHEST of HEIGHTS imaginable in the fields of his/her choice.  Pisces have the powers of concentration and transcendence which is seldom present in other astrological signs.   Pisces are also some of the most creative people in the zodiac, think of Albert Einstein, the master scientist.

    Pisces also have an unconventional approach to success.  Parents and teachers must support and encourage this unconventionality within the Piscean child for he/she does not approach success like other children.  Piscean children THRIVE if allowed to go on their own path, not a prescribed path. 

    Pisces have a spirituality which is beyond religion.  In fact, many Pisceans find organized and conventional religions to be psychological binding.   They prefer to be unencumbered regarding their religious beliefs. 

    Pisceans believe that the imagination is the impetus to living, growing, and change. They contend that everything originates in the mind.   They believe that one creates reality by one's thought patterns.  They see that what is considered and accepted to be reality is merely a societal construct, nothing more, nothing less.  In all essence, Pisces believe that the crux of living well is BEING and HAVING FULL ENGAGEMENT in the process and that CONVENTIONALITY is the DEATH of consciousness, creativity, and being.