What is your least favorite trait of a Pisces?

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    deecoleworldposted 3 years ago

    What is your least favorite trait of a Pisces?
    Victim-like mentality

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    This Piscean is a whirlwind of negativity.  He/she believes that he/she was born under a black cloud and was cursed from the time of his/her birth.  This is the Piscean that compounds, triples, and quadruples every failure, mistake, and any negative circumstance instead of using such events as a growth experience. 

    This Piscean is the ultimate victim and have a woe is me psychology and consciousness.  With all said, this Piscean wonders why his/her life is completely inundated with one type of negativity after another.  This Piscean believes that there is no such thing as a positive life.  He/she has quite a purgatorial view of life.  He/she wholeheartedly believe that he/she deserves negativity and such is his/her destiny so to speak.  In fact, he/she views life as one LONG PRISON SENTENCE which he/she must endure stoically until he/she leaves his/her physical coil upon death.   

    This Piscean contends that happiness and success is not in the cards for him/her but for others.  He/she is the parameters of life, always looking in and wishing for better and greater; however, he/she believes that he/she is undeserving of the goodies that life has to offer. 

    This Piscean sees life as an neverending travail of angst,  despair. and pitfalls.  He/she expects some type of curve ball.  If something positive does happen, this Piscean is totally nonplussed instead of seeing that life has indeed have its positive moments. 

    This is the type of Piscean which let negative events and circumstance envelop him/her instead of bouncing back.  He/she feels that he/she is a TOTAL FAILURE and WILL NEVER BE A SUCCESS.  He/she sees himself/herself as a VICTIM of life instead of an active participator.  He/she sinks into a lower morass until he/she hits rock bottom.  Even then, he/she believes to have deserved being at rock bottom. He/she contend that there is nothing to be done as that was his/her FATE!