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    realtalk247posted 3 years ago

    Verses and Flow Tribute

    They asked me if I had faith
    My reply: of course are you kidding me?
    I sit on the pew every Sunday and on the occasional Wednesday too
    Praising, believing, and honoring God
    Do I have faith?
    Without doubt I nod
    But Wait
    But Wait
    But Wait

    If I investigated deeper you see
    I would convey the fear in me
    Sometimes just about a 3rd of the month
    I wake up alive and unable to sleep
    around 1 o'clock
    Belief in myself
    But no rest for the weary is felt
    Yet, I say I believe

    I believe in every step I can clearly see
    Every path that I clearly take
    But faith is not for the weary and faint

    Faith is walking with your eyes closed
    Confidently walking blind and bold
    Knowing you will experience a path
    What the eyes can't see but the heart, spirit, and soul know
    The Path

    That Path set out specially designed in the universe just for you
    Stumbling and upsets are not without evidence
    But your truth, belief, and faith remains evident
    Not in a perfect path but for step physically unseen
    That make you experience the steps to make you everything you ever wanted to be


    It is trusting those dreams that keep you up at night
    Believing there is a path and a light
    Divinely yours that the creator has designed just for you
    But if you lack faith your light will never shine through

    You not living and believing defeats your ultimate path
    It is the reality of those who died or never had
    The experience which the creator gave for you to impact the world
    Do you have faith, little boy or little girl?
    To take steps knowing somehow it will all work out
    To understand life is not a pre-planned plot
    But an experience that urges you to find your defined path
    No excuses, for faith is not for the weak lad
    It is for those who walk on water
    Who fail and somehow recover and slaughter


    You believe beyond evidence
    Doubt is irrelevant
    Faith is your light when the darkness is too heavy
    When you walk without seeing the steps ahead of you
    Faith is evident

    So do you have faith is the question?
    Faith requiring no doubt or hesitation
    Sound sleep for those who face everything day by day
    Knowing the creator has set out a path and foundation laid
    For you and you alone
    Walking in the dark, sure of a path -alone
    The strength of a mustard seed
    To walk without vision but believe