Spirituality for 21st Century: Concord of Matter & Spirit

  1. God shet profile image61
    God shetposted 4 years ago


    I was once very interested in Buddhism, and in other Eastern philosophical religions. There are many wonderful philosophies that originated in India - very wonderful.

    There is - however - a major flaw in those systems of thought. As far as I have discovered - most (all) religions of this world are obsessed with concepts like 'morality', 'consciousness', 'reincarnation', 'liberation' etc. Well, there is nothing wrong with those things, and you can indulge into these concepts if you want to develop a form of hobby, or play, or something similar.

    But if you are serious - and if you want to get real answers to the questions that have been tormenting you since you gained awareness into this world - if you want to solve the 'problem' that you have at hand - then all these religions will only provoke your temper - simply because these 'systems of thoughts' (religions) were not developed to solve any of our problems - because these weren't built to solve any problems at all - but to (unintentionally) intensify them.

    The dominating idea is that 'matter' (read: 'money') is the seed of all evil, and therefore abort all material interests, and you will forever be happy thereafter: a perfect propaganda for mass hypnosis.

    You see, this is a grossly hypocritical (even satanic) philosophy at its foundational level. No man has ever been happy without money. And no man ever will be.

    Matter is the seed of all human happiness. More precisely speaking, the specific qualities of matter, its design and its intrinsic properties which have been architected to delight the human body, senses, and delight the human consciousness.

    Well, it is also true that matter alone can not bring happiness. If tomorrow an epidemic wipes everybody out of the world, except you, I guarantee you that you will not be happy. You might have all the riches of the world, you might even enjoy an ultimate and undisrupted freedom to act and move - but you will not be able to enjoy these for very long.

    You will have no friends, no one that you can talk to for even a while, not even a cat or a rabbit that you can hug and share your love. There will be no one to clean your trash or medicate your toothache.

    The thing is: Matter is the 'soil' which lets the seed of 'spirit' to blossom its flowers. Without the 'soil' - you will never have the flowers. Attempting to gain happiness only through meditation or ceremonies, or through other spiritual practices, is quite like placing a seed inside tar - and then waiting for the flowers to delight us out of it.

    I do not want to bore anyone saying that there is a 'God', and how it created this beautiful world.

    But, at the same time, it is a fact that this world (and this universe) is incredibly beautiful - if we apprehend it in its grandest scale. We can get a more detailed awareness of it beauty and its delicacy of design and engineering - if we try to reverse engineer it - or try to build a smaller, humane version of it.

    We would not be here in this world if there were no specific purpose behind it. If the 'spiritual dimension' alone could suffice all our needs - then our arrival and stay here could at best be described as a meaningless experience.

    We (the 'consciousness') need 'matter' to expand our awareness. It's a fact which all the religions have been denying in their various degrees; and for the future, it won't service.

    We need a practical version of spirituality for the 21st Century.

  2. janesix profile image61
    janesixposted 4 years ago

    Well then, let's just make up our own religion. That's what I like to do.


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