Answer to madmac's question

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    sandra rinckposted 9 years ago

    Because God existed to me before I ever read it.

    life and love, and good. smile then I read the book, the Bible, the Quar'an , the Naghammadi etc.  and looked first for life, love and good.
      What happens when the honest answer a person can give is, "because I do"?  Are you expecting something else?  If so, what exactly are you expecting? 
      Admit what exactly?  We are all hypocrites honey.  We are all just players in life.  We all inevitably want what is good but in some cases we aren't really sure what is good so we just make a decision. 

    *story*  I had a friend, he is a really great guy but he made a lot of bad choices.  I am his friend and when he was doing things I didn't agree with, well I just accepted him and understood from knowing him that in his heart, he was a good guy just very misunderstood.  So while people hated him, while he disappear for a couple of days and appear again beaten up or sick or something... while to be honest he probably did earn cause he had a mouth on him... nonetheless he was my friend. 

    However eventually he started to drag me into his world and I was being caught up in the affairs of which I was only guilty by association.  I didn't do the things he did and I was always willing to "have his back no matter what", until eventually my own life and my personal affairs were being subject to his actions in which case I needed to make a decision.

    For this guy, he was so used to people abandoning him that he really didn't care anymore and I feel guilty about ever having to tell him that I cannot hang out with him anymore.  It wasn't good for "me" to keep allowing his actions to take its toll on my family. Without all the details, it was something that I really had to do, against what I really wanted. 

    It does make me a hypocrite.  I am expected to stay by people like him no matter what because that is what Jesus would do right?  Well, I am not Jesus and to someone else I am a hypocrite and even to myself I feel this way but I stuck in there as long as I could until it started to bring me down too. 

    So tell me Madmac, honestly, does this make me a hypocrite?  I believe in does in shallow terms but in my heart I did what I felt was best and often times it is against what you want to do and what you have to do, don't agree.

      because unless we can read your mind and know what you want to hear to make you a believer yourself, then all words are arbitrary.  They know this.  What would you like to hear?  I will tell you exactly what you want to hear but you waiting for a miracle... aren't you?

    Suppose for instance that these people say this because they know something that you don't know yet but explanations are often times harder to express than people figure it would be.  The greatest message in the Bible isn't written and they are trying very hard to express what they read, yes that is right, read. 

    Its is very difficult to give people the eyes to see it when you still believe that the "eyes" on on your head. smile