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Campaigning for ISIS in the West.

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    Rad Manposted 3 years ago

    Something is clearly wrong with this picture. We have Western jihadists making a mockery of democracy and Canadian Solders in Kuwait on shaky ground because they (people of Kuwait) are not sure they want to be involved with anything against ISIS.

    http://www.cbsnews.com/news/recruiting- … 0-minutes/

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      MizBejabbersposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I had seen an interview with Clarissa Ward and this man on TV, but I don’t know if it was the same interview. I read this one about half way through and came to one conclusion. You would come nearer reasoning with a possum because that seems to be their level of intelligence. No matter what question Ms. Ward asked, Choudary circles back and parrots one answer. His “Allah is the only one to legislate” and “Allah created my tongue to speak,” sounds like our excuse “God made me do it” which our society doesn’t accept. He reminds me of an android whose programming is in a loop. And maybe that is the problem, programming. But why are people in free countries allowing themselves to be programmed into this no-brainer.
      Many questions have been asked as to why young people would give up their lives in free countries to go fight this jihad. Especially why would a free woman sacrifice her freedom to go live in and fight for such a misogynist society. I think we can understand why someone in a poor undeveloped country might be attracted to what they think is a better life, but not people of our Western culture.
      I would like to see some statistics on IQs, childhood abuse, sexual abuse, and other societal mores that might cause a person to turn on his own country like these Western recruits have. I don’t think we can understand until we see what kind of paint was used to make this picture.
      As for your second statement, do we know if the people of Kuwait are fearful of their own situation or do they just want a free ride?

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        Rad Manposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Great points MizBejabbers,

        You could have watched the video as well. It's surreal to watch people in England speak with English accent say profoundly stupid things. On guy later in the interview said he is prevented from loving his mother because she is not a Muslim, but he has to take care of her.

        The sad thing is that these are the people who are doing exactly as the Quran teaches. As for women joining ISIS all I can say they must have very serious self esteem issues to purposely go to a place that tells they they are worth half of a man.

        I'm more than a little bothered that we have North Americans fighting a war that should be fought by the neighbouring countries.

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          MizBejabbersposted 3 years agoin reply to this

          I'll watch the video if I get a chance. I commented during a break at work, and I normally don't have time to watch videos that people post. I think I saw this interview on CBS, and frankly, I see and hear enough of this on TV to already feel educated on these unspeakably evil people. (RM, my husband is former CIA, and he educates me, too.)

          I've seen several videos on TV in which ISIS the terrorists speak in British accents. I think the guy is full of bovine excrement when he says he can't love his mother because she isn't a Muslim.  Love comes from the heart, and a person or a book can't prevent another person from loving someone. Only the person himself can make himself hate another person. It would be very unusual to take care of someone you don't love and respect. I think this guy with the IQ lower than that of a possum has no heart quotient at all. These jihadists are teaching their recruits that women have no value at all, therefore they should not be respected. Can you imagine feeling that way about the woman who gave you life and nurtured you until you were self sufficient!