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Even 'Spirituality' is Nonsense in the End

  1. God shet profile image61
    God shetposted 3 years ago


    Let me tell you frankly, there is nothing such as 'spirituality' - not at-least  the way that you perceive this 'thing' to be.

    Yes, human life is a wonderful phenomenon (not for everyone, though) ~ but it's not 'magical' ~ in the sense that there is (a kind of) logic behind everything that we have witnessed in our life.

    Popular 'spirituality' invokes 'magical' elements. There you have people with long beards and they are wearing flowing white robes ~ uttering words about a "God" that only they have access to and knowledge of. You must wash their feet and kneel before them (like a passive slave) to get 'emancipation' from this worldly life.

    The entire scheme is a deliberate process to manipulate our innate desire to understand ourselves in this life.

    As far as I can tell you: there is no real spirituality except happiness. If you are really really, genuinely happy, and content: then that 'condition' can be termed as a 'spiritual condition'. Everything else is just another infantile game.

    Happiness and the feeling of delight, coupled with the 'opening' sensations in the heart-region ~ these are genuine symptoms of real spirituality: a sense of awe and fulfillment, a constant feeling that "nothing is too far away", coupled with the feeling that "everything is accessible".

    1. Jomine Jose profile image75
      Jomine Joseposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      From the beginning it is nonsense....

      1. God shet profile image61
        God shetposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Good to know about your sense of time.

    2. kess profile image60
      kessposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      A man can only make of Life what he is himself.
      So therefore spirituality can be liberating or constricting...... to him.

      And in the beginning and in the end, all that is spirituality...

      1. God shet profile image61
        God shetposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Your wisdom has great weight.