"To capture a 5k Display - You'd need a 5k Camera!"

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  1. God shet profile image61
    God shetposted 3 years ago


    Apple has just released an 'iMac', featuring an outstanding retina 5k display. Here is the thing:  (suppose) You have just bought this version of iMac. You are amazed by the quality of its display. You shoot a video of this iMac while your friend was test-driving this machine.

    You want to upload this video on YouTube ~ so that everyone can get an experience of this 5k retina display.

    You upload the video - but everybody seem to ignore it. You realize that you had shot the video with a Nikon CoolPix camera: one which captures videos in 1080p resolution. That means: whatever details might be out there in reality - the camera will always reduce that detail into 1080p resolution.

    You suddenly get this flashing precursor on the back of your mind ~ "To capture a 5k Display - You'd need a 5k Camera!"

    Metaphoric Value:   We have made ourselves dependent upon outside agencies and entities (i.e. newspaper, news-channels, reporters, school teachers, medical doctors etc) ~ to get a reliable, and accurate 'picture' (description) of reality.

    But most people's 'minds' are run by a certain program (which works in their deep (unconscious) mind), which filters reality (the reality that they receive through their senses) and reduces it down into a very subjective 'picture' of the world (and the universe).

    The program that runs their 'minds', has its own intelligence. It is cunning and at the same time creative. It has its own views about reality, and what reality 'should be'. If it (accidentally) discovers ANY information that contradicts its (the program's) (core) views about reality ~ it immediately runs 'recovery processes' to nullify and suppress that 'rogue' information.

    People who are run by this (internal) program ~ never perceives reality ~ as reality truly is. They always end up perceiving a subjective reality (formulated by the inner program).

    It is advisable to ignore, and even stay away from these people. But the odd is that these people are found everywhere, and in every type of profession that exist in a society.

    1. profile image0
      Rad Manposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I have to agree and disagree. I agree that some people are running a simulation in their minds that relieves them of worry about death by telling them that they are immortal. Now this simulation is hidden in the subconscious and they are unaware of the lies it performs to keep the simulation working. But I disagree that we need to stay away and avoid these people, they are of no harm to us.

      It's easy to find them, just ask them if they feel they are connected to some God. If they say they are them you've found one. If you say you have a connection with a God then you are one, and then search the recesses of your mind using reason to find the simulation that is robbing you from reality.

      1. God shet profile image61
        God shetposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you really for plugging in the necessary update.

        1. profile image0
          Rad Manposted 3 years agoin reply to this

          Glad I could help. I'll assume we are on the same page then.

          1. God shet profile image61
            God shetposted 3 years agoin reply to this

            On the same book - but at the same time - on different chapters.

  2. Kathryn L Hill profile image79
    Kathryn L Hillposted 3 years ago

    - nullifying and and suppressing 'rogue' information is the problem…
    Roque information, such as…

    How magical, perfect and beautiful everything seems to be in nature and in the world?
    How miracles happen everyday in front of our very eyes?
    How love emanates from your pets?
    How adorable and precious both animal and human babies are?
    How much your parents love you?
    How much your children love you?
    How random strangers are willing to help each other when help is required?
    How happiness and joy can be felt within us for no reason at all?
    How goodness and cooperation predominates in the world and is the true nature of mankind?

    That type of rouge information...
    or something else, Gs?

    1. God shet profile image61
      God shetposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Yes!  (now we are really moving towards the spirit :-)


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