Truth on Time Travel. They do not want this message getting out!

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    steve8millerposted 2 years ago

    Time travel is a joke as it is known today. Some high-level men and women know this to be true. For a moment, I will speak on music. There are groups who have spoke to their future self and promoted the idea through media. This is a code. If you are not a part of code then again this message is not for you. Musical groups like Blues Traveler and Tom Petty have revealed or as I say sounded the horn. Back to time travel. An electron can be in two places in space-time. To deceive men society has been told that time travel is possible. In this materialistic world, people believe that the body can leave the present and go into the future. I ask you what is the point to this faulty thought? It is a deception.

    How we traverse time is not what you think. Monks claim to have the ability to move consciousness from one point in space-time to another. Remote viewing is the science that explains how one can traverse space-time. Angels do exist and they exist in you. I ask you this. If you believe in Angels and heaven then you will understand what I will say next. When studying vampirism one learns that those who summon demons tap into a power. This is because one has now learned that these principalities are not communicating with other entities, they are communicating with their future damned soul. You will hear a voice and that voice says, "I am you, and you are in hell". This demonic contact is you. This is the opposite side to things. When I died I realized everything. (Keep in mind this is a metaphor)

    I was listening one day and heard. "Hey, you know we did it.". "We?". We have won and now the truth will come out. We own the future and our consciousness does transcend time. Our future selves have entered certain bodies for a reason. Only beings who live outside of this material realm will understand what I am writing here. All throughout this world there is a code, people waking people up. This is the final trumpet to the masses. We have won we own the future.

    We will begin to look at the media and find a new reality. People will start talking to themselves and it will be recorded. Actually I have already heard a story about a killer who got caught talking to himself while his mike was on. This lead to his arrest in the killing of dozens of people. Right now you might not understand, some may not want to understand, and others will try to hide this information.

    I will submit the article to the "artificial" collective consciousness of mankind what we call the "web". I also submit this idea into the collective consciousness of man that is both above and below, so now we know.

    So the information cannot be stopped, they will try to kill us all for this, but I say we have already won. The bible is true because we own a future that is good. We good people will influence this world against any power that seeks to destroy this reality. We do not need bodies, we actually have more power without. You will see I am right.

    I am saying this because it is important right now. If you do not see what is going on around you, well one day you will and you will remember this. The point is there is a war for your soul.

    Either you get what I am saying or your ability understand is inhibited by materialism then you will just attack the messenger. I just threw the idea to this forum because I want to see how the idea is received. I will not be surprised if no one even responds, as fear is a powerful thing.