Internet Life After Death

  1. ALL4JESUS profile image81
    ALL4JESUSposted 2 years ago

    What should our hubs look like, what should our Facebook page, Twitter page, etc... look like after we have passed on?

    I have several dear friends pass away and have watched as their accounts remain untouched. It saddens me that there is no "symbol" or notification that this writer/contributor has passed away.

    I know there are places out on the web to "pay" for the memorial to continue but should death be a venture for money-making opportunities? Shouldn't there be a moral obligation to celebrate the life of this person but also notify readers that this person died?

    Out on Twitter, I am seeing a person who scours the cemeteries, takes photos of the head stone and posts. I find this helpful and reassuring that someone is taking note, but that makes me question how should this be handled?

    How can we living humans add to our humanity in this new virtual reality? Isn't death an important note of our lives that all social websites have a duty to recognize and support in a formal manner? But what should this manner of recognition be? What would be respectful? What would celebrate their lives and their contribution? How can this be done without compromising privacy?

    I don't have the answers here, obviously, I can only pose the question and pray for better solutions.