Spiritual musings, 11th August, 2015

  1. God shet profile image60
    God shetposted 2 years ago

    1. Sometimes we may need to shift our medium completely. Not changing one's attitude from 'rock' - to 'pop' - or later on, to 'instrumental'. But sometimes we may realize that we need a radically new medium to be in, to express ourselves - that we may need brushes and pencils and colors to bring to life certain 'ideas' - and music may not do us any good anymore. Sounds meaningless but it's metaphorical.

    2. The word 'spirituality' is a ghost. Spirituality doesn't exist. Only we exist. But we seem to display certain common (internal) 'forces'.

    3. There is a common (internal) 'force' of goodness, worldwide. And there is a common (internal) 'force' of evil, worldwide.

    4. I may speak mouthful of spirituality and impress a group of people. But if they have no money in their wallets, their spirituality will be as good as being hungry and sleeping at the corner of a street.

    5. But we need the word 'spirituality' - as a tool to indicate these common (internal) 'forces'.

    6. The true spirituality is the one that feeds hungry men, women and children; gives them a shelter amid a cruel, heartless world.

    7. The perfect spirituality would be to remedy the causes that make people end up in a street. And take permanent precautions so that it may never happen to anyone else again.

    8. Said easier, than done. Collectively, worldwide, human beings are caught in a complex (or, more precisely speaking, 'compound') web of karma.

    9. It's within our power to cure a physical disease (for example: viral fever). But we may not purify someone's karma no matter how hard we try to.

    10. Perhaps only a radical change of values, understanding, and awareness - will possibly purify the world. And that's spirituality too.