God and Calendar based Theology

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    Ack Taneposted 2 years ago

    Much theology and spirituality is based on physical objects going in cycles in space. Forgetting that they were created by a being with free will. And so do not really offer any great objectivity.

    Theology and spirituality that is heavily dependent on dates can trap it's followers in the physical realm in unpleasant ways. Enemy armies are known for attacking on special dates as this when followers are often unprepared.

    The malcontented are known for their strong taste for one-off things that give large rewards. They will heavily infiltrate anything of this nature.

    People who show disapproval in regard to great indulgence on special dates or at special events are often seen as beings who disapprove of free will enjoyment. But is that so? Being part of cultures that tell you when and where you may enjoy yourself and and when and where you must work hard would appear to be rather more of that nature.