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What is the Lucid Dream and how does one develop awareness to change the outcome

  1. DynamicS profile image78
    DynamicSposted 8 years ago

    What is the Lucid Dream and how does one develop awareness to change the outcome of a dream?

    Why do you think some people have lucid dream?

  2. metaphysician profile image75
    metaphysicianposted 8 years ago

    Lucid dreaming can be described as "the conscious perception of one's state while dreaming". Basically that means you are aware when you are dreaming. And yet at the same time it won't  wake you up. You are able to observe the dream, with a brain-full of personality, memories, thoughts, and everything else that makes you you. And the best of all, you are able to influence the dream so you act out your fantasies.

    Lucid dreaming can be very real, just as how you live your life. You can decide what you do and interact in the situation you are having in your dream. It's like navigating in a 3D stimulation.

    I can't really answer your question on how to develop lucid dreaming now, because I got the answer lost in my brain (though I did read a book that taught about it few years back). However, one thing that you could do is to have the intention to experience lucid dreaming. Let's your subconscious knows about it. The subconscious is the most powerful part of human being and what you impress on it, it will follow. 

    On my part, I just found that I have developed the ability and which I didn't really take any efforts to do it. Just simply got into it and I don't even know how and why.

    I shall answer you in much detail next time. Thank you.

    In the mean time, I have found other hubber that have done it and that you might be interested, http://hubpages.com/hub/How-To-Have-A-Lucid-Dream

  3. Robert Waggoner profile image54
    Robert Waggonerposted 8 years ago


    A lucid dream is normally defined as, "being consciously aware of dreaming while in the dream state."  When you are consciously aware that "Hey this is a dream!", you can think about and direct your activities within the dream, remember your waking life, and conduct experiments -- all while understanding that you are aware inside a dream.

    Most lucid dreamers use one of these basic techniques:

    1) Suggestion -- before going to sleep, they repeat to themselves, something like, "Tonight in my dreams, I will realize I am dreaming and become consciously aware." or "Tonight in my dreams, when I see _______, I will realize I am dreaming"

    2) The Castaneda method -- Carlos Castaneda mentioned the idea of "finding your hands" in the dream state.  This is how I do it.  Before going to sleep, I look at my hands and say to myself, "Tonight in my dreams, when I see my hands, I will realize I am dreaming."  After a few nights of doing this consistently, I was in a dream and my hands popped right in front of my face! I instantly thought, "My hands! This must be a dream!" and became lucid.

    3) MILD Technique -- S. LaBerge suggest that when you wake up in the middle of the night, you recall your previous dream, and then imagine yourself becoming lucidly aware in it.  This is kind of like visual role playing. Then as you fall asleep, you tell yourself, "In my next dream, I will realize I am dreaming"

    4) Tholey Technique -- Paul Tholey taught himself to ask many times during the day, "Am I dreaming right now?"  By asking this question many times during the day, he was able to transfer that critical awareness to his dreaming, and would suddenly wonder in a dream, "Am I dreaming this?"  -- at which point, he would become lucid.

    These techniques are explained more at the Lucid Dream Exchange at  http://www.dreaminglucid.com  -- Just look to the left and click on Incubating Lucid Dreams.

    Good luck!  Robert Waggoner

  4. Dr Suleiman Dex profile image57
    Dr Suleiman Dexposted 8 years ago

    It would be interesting to here some insight into how I dream. Most of my Poetry comes from Dreams and I'm about to start writing a Novel On-Line "Live" that is about a completely different world than ours which covers every detail of that world, it's culture, structure, and development, focusing on a 35 Year time-span in the life of the Main Character (Ostensibly me-but a totally different and "Alien" me), my interactions with 15 Main Characters, one of which becomes my life companion, and an infamous/famous structure built by the most despised yet admired man of our world. Nor is this the first dream like this I've had-just the first one I decided to write about.