Who came up with the idea of Christianity?

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  1. amolefi profile image59
    amolefiposted 9 years ago

    Who came up with the idea of Christianity?

    I have searched the scriptures and nowhere does it say it came from Jesus! However, it seems to have been made up by the Romans, to help them find the Christians so as to punish them. This type of labelling method is common. It's a method police use today if they don't know the names of people who have broken the law. So it seems as though a label has been made into a religion. Could somebody clear this notion up for me?

  2. yes2truth profile image60
    yes2truthposted 9 years ago

    You will not find the word 'Christianity' in the KJV of the Holy Scriptures.

    The word 'Christian' appears only twice and 'Christians' (plural) only once.

    The word 'Christian' comes from the Greek word 'Christianos' which means 'follower of Christ' not a follower of religion.

    To be a Christian means to be a follower of Christ, from the Greek Christos which means Messiah or Anointed.

    There is nothing wrong with the word Christianity as long as it only applies to the real thing i.e. following the Lord Jesus Christ. Anything else is religion and therefore by default becomes a counterfeit.

    James Watkins has recently written three excellent Hubs on the demonic counterfeit Christian Religion. The only problem here being Mr Watkins is deluded and considers his drivel an account of the history of the Church. As do numerous equally deluded fawning sycophantic commentators - please pass the sick bag. If you want a good laugh go and read for yourself!! Chuckle chuckle chuckle.   

    To sum up there is such a thing as True Christianity and another that is false and by their fruits you shall know them and identify them. A short study of the history of whorish Roman Catholicism and her slapper tart daughter Protestantism will reveal to you their fruits. Not a pretty sight I hasten to add!!

  3. Kermit2000 profile image61
    Kermit2000posted 9 years ago

    yes2truth is correct that there are few examples of the word Christian in the bible, but the bible says in Acts; 11;26 that people were called 'Christians' at Antioch first. This is most likely because they were follwers of Christ's teachings.
    Although Christianity as an 'idea' I would argue was, is and has always been the will of the almighty for the salvation of mankind.
    Hope this helps.

  4. amolefi profile image59
    amolefiposted 9 years ago

    But wouldn't true follows of Christ have the same attractive verbal power? I myself would compare a true Christian to Christ if they were true public speakers that "risked" their lives to expose the truth. The truth has always been silenced one way or the other. At the time of Christ, the methods used to stamp out the truth was the crucifixion; however, today it is the gun. The word "Christian" means to be "Christ like" but the only way to be like Christ is to stand against evil. That's what he did, and that's what he stands for today.

    Is it therefore Christian to sit down in the church singing songs, reading the Bible and making noise, like the scribes and Pharisees did, whilst millions die from the evil works of others? Would Christ have done the same if he was still here, or would he be out there drawing millions to the truth?

    The true meaning of Christ has been lost by the deceitful words of men. Men who seek to ensure another Christ never rises again. They teach that to make it into “HEAVEN” you must live a good life, and then allow people to claim that they are “CHRIST LIKE” because they go to church every Sunday. If Christ was here today, he would not rest whilst all these evils dominate the lives of many. HE WOULD NOT REST, like many Christians who have become consumed by their material wealth.

    Christ is not an easy man to follow, yet, if you look in history, putting aside religious affiliations, you will see those that have followed Christ and have die the same fate.  If Christ was here today he would face the DEVIL! He wouldn’t hide. Please advise.

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