Who controls this world. Satan or God?

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  1. mr asp profile image59
    mr aspposted 9 years ago

    Who controls this world. Satan or God?

    Should we blame the wars, suffering and death on God or on Satan?

  2. Sanctus Vesania profile image59
    Sanctus Vesaniaposted 9 years ago

    Satan is the god of this world, but only because God the father, and God the son have allowed it to be so.  We shouldn't blame either of them for these wars, sufferings, and deaths.  All that we see is a part of God's divine plan (even if it seems illogical to some); and Satan is being used by God for his own divine will.  (Even though he may think otherwise.)

  3. Kenny MG profile image62
    Kenny MGposted 9 years ago

    Your question is complex but not difficult to answer. It depends on what you meant by control. For instance, if Satan was in complete control, no human would remain alive. You must keep in mind that God has never lost control of the world, and will never do so. Job experience is a case in point, Satan was allowed to touch Job but only because God allowed him, God placed a block so Jobs life would not be taken. Go back to our first parents, when they lost paradise, God could have wipe the world clean. But He loves us so much, He sent His son, who was preordained to save humanity and restore that which was lost. God allowed Satan to carry on messing things up, a certain time is given to him to cary out his destructive deeds, wars, suffereing and death until God's Son was revealed to the world. His Son came in the person and Holiness of His Christ to set the stage for mans redemption and a second return to gather the faithful. When God is ready, His son will make that second appearance to put an end to Satan's misdeeds and restore peace on earth. Its all in the plan of God friend, and we are alive today because of God's grace, despite Satans influences on our world. God is still in control, Satan will carry on for a time and it would appear that he controls everything, but only within the scope God allowed him. God will one day soon put a stop to his actions once and for all and His Son Christ will reign.

  4. Aliswell profile image61
    Aliswellposted 9 years ago

    Mr asp...you need to stop and smell the coffee!!!If you worry about such metaphysical issues, you can't put beans on the table nor coins in your pocket
    All the worlds's problems will have been instigated and resolved by humans doing what humans do. Forget about the enity that either Roasts you or the one who Heavenizes you. These are your ideas of what awaits you. Live your life for your's and hopefully your family's best interests and happiness and let others worry about their fears of the unknow.

  5. profile image57
    Nathan K Ringposted 9 years ago

    To answer this question, we must first ask ourselves, "Who is really responsible for sin?" Once we unlock the answer to this question, we may begin to discover the party responsible for the evil in the world.

    We can tell that men do not obey the moral or natural law as they ought. It does not quite represent what philosophers call self-evident truth, but it comes quite close. Crime, immorality, and twisted desires abound in our society, and something seems desperately wrong with man's nature.

    The sin of man is ultimately responsible for most of the evil that we see. Crime, hatred, war, several diseases, and difficult economic times are all brought about by man and not by God or satan. However, some of the evil in the world can be tied back to satan (That is if you accept the biblical account of sin, which we will assume you do for the purpose of argument). Satan causes Adam and Eve to sin and in so doing they transgress a moral law and reap the consequences (Death, sin nature, and diseases.)

    What about the natural disasters? They are a part of the curse. One might argue that because God cursed Adam and Eve, that he is responsible. But he only carried out the punishment that he told them beforehand he would carry out. Ultimately, we ought not to hold a judge accountable for a prisoner's sentence because without the prisoner's misdeed, there would have been no sentence.

    In the end, It is man's sinful nature that causes most if not all of the evil in this world.

  6. EdG. profile image60
    EdG.posted 9 years ago

    Perhaps we humans should just own up to the fact that we cause wars, suffering, and death ourselves (with the exception of disease, natural disasters etc. which are part of nature not divine force).

    There is no divine or infernal puppet-master and if there is, he can count on us to make all the chaos his heart desires without lifting a finger. Besides, with the entire universe at his disposal, what kind of petty, small-minded god would waste time controlling a single insignificant planet.

  7. easetravels profile image60
    easetravelsposted 9 years ago

    The world is controlled by God.
    Wars are created by men, who do not understand the meaning of their existance. The life in earth is a wonderful opportunity crearted by God. We should know to live with happiness. Sufferings are not created by God. Death is inevitable. When you are born, you are certain that you are to die one day. So you will wait for your death. God is not asking you die. It is your period or the time frame for you to exist in this world. Rather your soul is not dead. Only your body is getting perished. Who is Satan.? He is nothing to do to us as long as we believe in GOD.

  8. sroberts9 profile image79
    sroberts9posted 9 years ago

    It is written that Satan has powers to rule in this life time for only a short amount of time.  God has granted him that much before he places judement and sentences him to hell for eternity. 

    But, Father God is the Ruler of everything and every human body and spirit ever created.  He is the first and last word in all.

    1. profile image54
      Chris Miegelposted 2 years agoin reply to this


  9. fizzylift profile image61
    fizzyliftposted 9 years ago

    There is no Satan or God. Evil and good are totally subjective. There is no evil or good outside of the human mind and thus there is no Satan or God outside of the human mind. I know I'm right as both of them told me so.

  10. profile image48
    smattomposted 8 years ago


    The world would improve if everybody thought for themselves though, stopped attributing stuff to higher authorities which don't exist and stopped wasting brain cells on debating babble when there's so much good stuff to think about.

  11. Alan Grace profile image60
    Alan Graceposted 18 months ago

    If God would have run the world then everything here would be peace and happy on earth and if Satan would have run then there would be pain and suffering.

    No single entity is resposible in running the world, it runs under the law of  Scientific circumstancial evidences https://goo.gl/qJHKfL


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