Have you had a spooky experience in a graveyard / cemetery before?

  1. marcofratelli profile image79
    marcofratelliposted 9 years ago

    Have you had a spooky experience in a graveyard / cemetery before?

    What happened? Could you explain it afterwards?

  2. marcofratelli profile image79
    marcofratelliposted 9 years ago

    I thought I'd answer my own question! I haven't had a spooky experience, but my mom mentioned a story where she was visiting the grave of a friend who had passed, with my aunt.

    I don't remember the details but they'd lit a candle and tried to put it out before they left (safety reasons). The candle would go out, then light up again by itself. They did this twice, thinking they just didn't put it out properly. The third time they made doubly sure that the flame had definitely been put out and there was no possibility the candle could still be lit. The flame reappeared again. Although they both ran back to the car as fast as they could (being spooked out) they remember that they probably shouldn't have and it wasn't anything scary. When it happened they had a feeling of peace. But if it happened to me I might done the same thing!!

  3. sugdorZ profile image67
    sugdorZposted 9 years ago

    Hell Yeah!

    Many years ago, my brother, my uncle a friend of ours and myself were driving around getting high and drinking beer (remember that was years ago, I was a teen so no Baptist sermons please) anyway we decided to go into a very nice cemetery with large head stones and statues. We were about to pull over to get off as my uncle tossed our friends' baseball cap out the window and noticed that a police cruiser pulled over right behind us. The officer's voice blared loudly through the speaker  on the cruiser and ordered us to stay in our car, then blasted us with light. The entire car was illluminated and I could tell we were all Sh**ing bricks the size of those used in the construction of the Great Pyramid. 

    Fortunately, what he said next over the speaker was nothing more than, "Please exit the cemetary!" 
    Maybe he just ran the license plate or wanted to peer into the car with that tremendously annoying 'let there be light' God incandescense, but who cares!
    We had beer cans, some still being drained gripped in our palms and others crushed under our feet.

    But I was also stressing the bag of stress in my pocket.

    After leaving the cemetery, we had to relax so about half a mile down from the exit, after making sure that we were not being followed, I reached into my pocket for that rolled plastic bag, filled a bowl and lit us away into relaxation.

    That was very, very spooky.


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