..all these 20k+ protestant sects study the bible but interpret it differently.A

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    qwarkposted 8 years ago

    ..all these 20k+ protestant sects study the bible but interpret it differently.All think their "beli

    ief is the word of god..so whats right?

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    bstiltner77posted 8 years ago

    quark, I again must disagree with the proposition of your question. You are presenting a scenario in which all "protestant sects" are in opposition to one another; however, that simply is not the case. The answer to your question is partially found in your question; there is a reason these 20k+ groups are all referred to as "Protestant"; namely,  they all predominately agree on the fundamentals of the Christian Faith. They may not agree on all matters of doctrine, interpretation, or tradition but are united by there belief in the fundamentals of the Christian faith as presented in Scripture. Despite the confusion and the desire of some to see this as a primary argument against the Christian Faith, the majority of of the "protestant sects" you refer to subscribe to the fundamental beliefs of the deity, death, burial, and resurrection of Christ which according to Scripture is the very foundation of the Christian Faith. I appreciate your persistence and would like to think that you are sincere in your search for answers; however, It would appear that you are attempting an argument against the Christianity which in my opinion could be accomplished through many other more difficult concerns.

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    TWAK MANposted 8 years ago

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