Each of these 20k+ protestant sects interpret biblical scripture differently and

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    qwarkposted 8 years ago

    Each of these 20k+ protestant sects interpret biblical scripture differently and each think they are

    right. Catholicism claims to be right, why is there so much dissent?

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    HOOWANTSTONOposted 8 years ago

    So qwark which is your religion. And I bet you think yours is correct.

    Well there is only One God and His earthly name is Jesus Christ, so I am sure that all 20K+ protestants will agree on this, even Satan will agree to this.

    So if you dont ??????? enough said.

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    aka-djposted 8 years ago

    There is not as much dissent as you make out. The things that bind us together far outweigh the things that separate us.It might be helpful to check out on what points these sects agree on, and what they disagree on. How strongly they disagree and on what grounds they make their claims.
    Some fundamentals would be, Did Jesus die on the cross for the sin of the world? Does a person receive salvation based on obeying religious rules, laws and rituals? Or, does salvation come by faith in Jesus Christ.
    Do we need a priest as a mediator between God and man, or can a man "Meet God" one on one? Is it "right" to worship God like 1.2.3, or is it a,b.c.etc?
    Is the authority of the Bible final, or is it up to (say) the Pope, to add to or take away from it's teachings.
    So, I think you asked a question that does not carry simple answer, like "the reason is this and this..."
    But, from having read some of your writings, this is all meaningless anyway, because you don't even believe in God, so how can one give a satisfactory reply? Trite, I think is the word you like to use, on responses you get.

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