Explain the difference between Miracles and Magic?

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  1. ngureco profile image80
    ngurecoposted 14 years ago

    Explain the difference between Miracles and Magic?

    If you were to drop from another planet to find a magician crutching razors into needles and Jesus feeding 5000 with five loaves of bread and two fish, whom would you think has more powers, and why?

  2. Azhar Kamar profile image63
    Azhar Kamarposted 14 years ago

    Miracles are the work of God.

    Magic - Man (tricks, illusions, etc.) and Satan (black magic).

    In my opinion. ;-)

  3. kess profile image61
    kessposted 14 years ago

    One is to glorify all that is Good especially for others, while the other is to get your own selfish way.

  4. writesketchbead profile image60
    writesketchbeadposted 14 years ago

    The biggest difference is that miracles rely on the will of God. Magic is often the manipulation of power or the (for lack of a better word) nature of things. Magic is more like the use of energy aroud you. Miracles are faith and as a Christian I would say going straight to the source and not relying on yourself to control it. (I know me- I would screw things up trying to do it on my own.) Magic is not necessarily selfish but it does not rely on God.
    Which has more power? As a Christian, my obvious answer is God. As I said, HE's the source. But I also find it more impressive that there is something out there that not even magic can manipulate. Something that we mortals can not mess up. Magic is wielded, impressed upon. It does not control the outcome though. God does. Magic relies on people to control it and admittedly while mankind has done some pretty impressive things we have also done some extreamly STUPID things. That power does not impress me.
    I have never messed with magic although I will not lie- I love my fantasy and as a writer I have reseached. I understand it from a book learning not experiancing sort of way. Still I get hung up on the whole human manipulation thing. I don't trust myself with even a tiny bit of that power- I sure am not going to trust another human being. We have a tendancy to be fools. I know- I have done my share of stupid things. Still am doing my share of stupid things. God bring me the miracles because I'll cause the planet to collapse in on itself.

  5. relache profile image72
    relacheposted 14 years ago

    There is no difference between Magic and Miracles.  Both are phenomena that fulfill some part of the mythology of a person's beliefs and faith.

  6. nochance profile image85
    nochanceposted 14 years ago

    Miracles happen without any human interaction. They are caused by God or some other great being to help us out.

    Magic on the other hand is something caused by man to get a desired result, either good or bad. This is accomplished by using the mind, spells, candles, and other implements.

    Also, I think Jesus would be more powerful. He actually has a useful skill. Who needs needles made from razorblades. smile

  7. profile image52
    maxleposted 14 years ago

    Not everybody has discernment but when, Azhar Kamar says

    "Miracles are the work of God.

    Magic - Man (tricks, illusions, etc.) and Satan (black magic).

    In my opinion. ;-)"  this is understanding the deeper things of life.

    The creator of all things has a wonderful purpose to give fine gifts and eternal life to mankind

    Sadly when individual creatures use their free will or freedom of choice to, not listen, not be submissive or blatantly work in opposition to that ultimate plan all have to suffer. Eg Satan the father of the lie who told Eve she would not die if she were to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad but would be like the true God himself knowing the difference between good and bad, thus suggesting she was able to live without her makers help and care and still receive the benefits of eternal life.

    Where is she now? yep, she died that is why Satan is called the father of the lie at John 8:44 and a manslayer because he did not stand fast in the truth but chose to selfishly do his own thing.

    Ever since that artful act of deception he has masterfully manipulated all things to create a system under his own control so the majority of the human race wont discover the truth that leads to eternal life.

    In doing so he uses magic, illusion, the perception of life after death,  war, religion, nationalism, materialism, commerce and politics to manipulate mans thoughts away from the marvelous truth of God's plan of unity and salvation. John 3:16

    The noble minded Boreans were thinkers who looked beyond the obvious to discover that all things (including miracles) are possible with the one who has the power and authority above all others throughout the heavens and earth.

    If only more of us were able to think a bit clearer and understand the deeper things of God we would more readily understand the difference between such things as majic and miracles. Hmm???

  8. Rory Roybal profile image61
    Rory Roybalposted 14 years ago

    Miracles of God and magic may both appear similar on the surface, but are from different supernatural sources. Moreover, deceivers abound who do fake miracles where nothing supernatural occurs, or where occult signs and wonders are performed for temporal gain.

    Regardless of what one calls it, the very existence of our universe requires a 'miracle'. Foundational scientific laws of this universe, such as the law of cause and effect, and the first and second laws of thermodynamics, do not allow for our universe to have 'created' itself, since the amount of mass/energy in our universe is absolutely fixed according to the first law. The universe can't be infinitely old either, because otherwise it would already be decayed and dead according to the second law. If one projects backwards in time, then, our universe came into existence in extremely complex order, cannot have come from itself, and according to cause and effect, must have originated from a cause equal to or greater than the effect.

    Unlike religious and political leaders throughout history, Christ's claim to be God and ability to work miracles is based on His identity as the unique Creator and Author of life. The kind of miracles done by Christ contradict the pervasive scientific laws of thermodynamics by creating something out of nothing and life from non-life. Christ's claim as the Savior and Messiah is based foundationally on His identity as the supernatural Creator, which is why He has complete authority over the natural scientific laws He created.

    About miracles and magic, the Bible teaches Satan is not only the enemy of God, but also an expert counterfeiter of God, to deceive people to the greatest degree possible. Miraculous events are recorded as coming from God, but from created beings as well, such as Satan. In the book of Job, Satan is recorded as having controlled the weather, and in Revelation (yet future), his human servants call fire down from heaven.

    When people claim 'natural' or 'supernatural' miracles that bring glory and financial profit to men, you can know they are not of God. As Christ predicted, deceivers are increasingly popular and convincing, so much more spiritual discernment is needed to see God clearly and recognize increasingly clever religious, political, and pseudo-scientific impostors that masquerade in His name.

  9. profile image49
    omniketherposted 14 years ago

    Everyone goes on saying how miracles are from God and magic is from man. Not that the point has no merit, it does, but what if one says they are one and the same and the only difference is nomenclature?
    What is a miracle? Something that can't be rationally/scientifically explained. What is magic? Isn't it something along the same lines?
    I think we are too stuck on giving things names, thus dividing them into our favourite 'niches', that we discount how similar they actually are. Aren't miracles, as well as magic, done by people? Aren't they limited by people too (Mk 6:4-6)?
    I think the underlying theme in miracles and magic is belief aka faith. Faith in something/someone, with the underlying spiritual power (which can come from either the performer(s) or the spectator(s), or both - of which the stronger the faith or spiritual power the better the effect) gives rise to miracles or magic. After all, let's not forget that, barring the fact that his snake ate up theirs, Moses and the Egyptian magicians could both form snakes out of wood.

    If you ask me, I don't see the real difference between magic and miracles. They both have the same origins.

  10. richard reyes profile image59
    richard reyesposted 14 years ago

    Miracles are real actions and outcomes of blind faith, and magic is trickery of the mind and are staged for entertainment.

  11. Shahid Bukhari profile image60
    Shahid Bukhariposted 13 years ago

    Can you live off your $1 bills, converted by Magicians, into $100 bills ... ?

    And do you not, to this day, partake of Communion ?

  12. Garrett Mickley profile image76
    Garrett Mickleyposted 13 years ago

    I was always under the impression that a miracle is an act of a God, magic is the act of a human.

  13. Techiebuzz profile image59
    Techiebuzzposted 13 years ago

    miracle-u get into a fight with a wrestler(weighing more than 200lbs) and are able to survive

    magic-u beat him!

  14. i2iverboy profile image53
    i2iverboyposted 13 years ago

    A magic trick is just as it is called--a "trick", requiring a set-up for the purpose of entertainment. A miracle is an act of faith--requiring faith for the purpose of invoking faith. An audience of a magic trick ends up believing in what is false. An audience of a miracle ends up having faith depending on their belief on the truth (John 17:17).

    well, personally that's what it means to me at least... smile


    1. profile image49
      PatchedDetachedposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Your comment is very ironic

  15. Cellebrate! profile image60
    Cellebrate!posted 13 years ago

    Miracles are direct from heaven, while magic are direct from hell. To those who think that miracles are in the same line as magic, and are therefore, the same? they are not. Satan counterfeits everything that God does, and magic is his counterfeit to miracles. The difference lie not on the semantics, but in  the SOURCE of power.

  16. chasemillis profile image70
    chasemillisposted 13 years ago

    Miracles are real things that are not physically possible to do, Magic tricks are just illusions. There's always a secret to a magic trick. If you don't believe me, buy Chis Angel's DVD.

  17. profile image51
    baldasarposted 13 years ago

    there is who think that magic is a miracle and is roung thinking that thy (1) the magic is than from the power of the spirits not from the will of god (2) in magic there is no angles involved but there is only unnatural spirits powers (3) magic dont give things but borrow you things for a long time but not for ever as all know the only thing for ever is the will of god and the power of magic is not so powerful (4) magic belongs to the spirits of the supernatural world and miracle belong to heaven to god will decision (5) magic is more fast than god will but have nothing to do with god will (6) i am 29 of age and i have been frew a lot of bad things becose the magic that i have belived into it end up in the roung hands and with what the things that i have been frew they have left me with out wards , i dont know who or what have keeped me a life till today but i can say that who think that magic well ever give with out take back is really struped .

  18. profile image51
    saltaireposted 12 years ago

    There is no difference between miracles and magik except the name and what people think in their own minds. God is the source of all power in this universe. Jesus,  Abraham, Aposotle Paul, Moses, Mohamad, Budda,and many others (noted in the bible) throughout time have known this and many others now know this because it has been revealed to them through the spirit of God. All power and I mean all, even that of satan and his crew is derived (for lack of a better word) or should I say, allowed, through God. Don't let anybody fool you into believing that they are the source of Great power or magik even satan never laid claim to that. And I qoute (As he said to Jesus while trying to test and tempt Jesus) he shows Jesus all the kingdoms of the earth and all its riches and says "All of this I have been given the power to give to you if you will just kneel down and praise me".
    Notice that he says all this power I have been given. Well who do you think it was that gave him the power to do this then just as he continues to do today to us all?
    Jesus changed water into wine, fed the hungry masses, drove out demons, healed the sick, raised the dead, made the blind see and the lame walk. Yet He never claimed to be the source of this power. He always gave that glory to God.
    Everyone who performs magik or miracles, be it a prohet, witch or whatever, can say whatever they will and may derive their objective through various methods- spells, prays, incantations and with the use( angels, saints, spirits or demons) but it still comes to be through the power of God himself. Anyone who believes or tells you otherwise is either a liar, a fool or stupid.

  19. shwetha123 profile image60
    shwetha123posted 12 years ago

    Miracles can be done by God only. Miracles are just unexpected no one can define miracles because we do not know what God can do. And magic can be performed by human beings.

  20. wjlambert profile image65
    wjlambertposted 10 years ago

    By what I have learned / read...
    Magic is deliberate misdirection to produce an apparently amazing result. Obviously a magician is not amazed by his actions, as he is aware that the act is merely misdirection. 

    The acts that Jesus performed were not amazing to him and were likely not used as misdirection.  This leads me to think that they were likely just normal activities that no one yet understands.  It could well be said that the actions of a doctoral physicist might be miraculous to a child who does not yet even comprehend the basis for physics. 

    Alas, I realize that my theory may rub some people the wrong way as there is a strong  belief that Jesus is God and that man cannot understand God's ways.  But if Jesus were merely a man that had an exceptional comprehension of God's ways (or of a certain science), then he might be able to perform advanced actions that would seem like miracles to the less learned.

  21. Nancy Robinson profile image56
    Nancy Robinsonposted 10 years ago

    Miracle is from God which is powerful and brings life in one and Magic is man made tricks and it also called satan tricks ...

    However there are two kinds of miracles (1) Miracles of Satan (2) Miracles of God

    But when God does His miracles it show life and its for ever

    And when Satan does his miracles that is temporary and it brings death forever.
    People use magic tricks in different ways some are not very powerful but some are used by satanic ways.

  22. profile image52
    Cherye norrisposted 8 years ago

    One is by mis direction. The other is not

  23. Zoe Kelly Ward profile image59
    Zoe Kelly Wardposted 6 years ago

    Miracles are where Source, God, whom you pray too, bend the universal laws for you personally.  Magic is the power that comes from within us, to create.


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