what does it mean when the devil is in the form of a goat and is haunting your d

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    Real HammerHeadposted 8 years ago

    what does it mean when the devil is in the form of a goat and is haunting your dreams since you...

    were born and a yellow cloud struck lightning on it, left for 2 years then came back.

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    It's just meposted 8 years ago

    Only we know the symbolism of our own dreams. Each person has thier own subconcious way of symbolizing things in thier lives.
    But some things are common symbols among people the devil as a goat is highly christian! If you've been having this dream since birth I'd say that you were raised very christian and either something horrible happened to you at a very young age or you are so frightened of doing anything wrong that your always looking over your shoulder to make sure you are staying on the path of perfection.
    If this dream left for two years why? Were you actually happy with your life then? Not worried about "right and wrong."

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    pjk_artistposted 8 years ago

    All dreams are a message from God expressing Himself in you.
    The Devil is a symbol of denial of this truth...the goat as others replied, is a symbol of stubbornness.  The bolt from the yellow cloud is a symbol of you banishing this stubborn denial with all your might.
    The answer is simple.  You know you are dreaming when you meet this goat...you've dreamt it since birth.  You also know exactly how to smash the little bugger.  Next time you meet make a cloud and blast him again.
    (Here's a secret: Practice imagining a yellow lighting cloud created at the snap of your fingers or clap of your hands throughout your day.  Then, when your dreaming it will come "more naturally".)


    ps...as other's have said you should look at your life for parallels that you associate this devil with.