Have you applied the law of attraction in your life, and what are the results?

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    Anemariposted 8 years ago

    Have you  applied the law of attraction in your life, and what are the results?

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    Shahid Bukhariposted 8 years ago


    We humans, are the Masters in Destiny, of The Created, but ... "Subject" to The Law of Paired Creation.

    There is only one Law, Governing the Existential Reality ...
    "The Law, of Paired Creation."

    The Law, Defines, and Governs the Totality.

    Thus, The Law, Applies Equally, to Everything, meaning, it Applies to all the Things and all the Ideas, we are Aware of, in  our Awareness, of their Existence ...

    Meaning, our Awareness of all the Material Objects, and all the Abstract Ideas, that we behold, as Existent, in our Tryst, with these Objects and Ideas in our Destiny.

    Attraction, accordingly, Is the Formal State of a Paired Singularity, and also conforms to The Law. In, that  ... Attraction is Betwixt Two ... Forming a Distinct Formal Pair.

    As I can see, you mean, the Attraction between Males and Females, and my Experience of "Applying" it in life.
    Well! I cannot say that I was able to Apply it, but Rather, "it was a situation when, it was Applied to me" ... And I did not have any Control over the resultant Emotions.

    You see, we all have an Ideal of Perfection...
    So, when, the Physical Conforms to the Ideal, we are Attracted ... in Fact, we Bond ... Proactively, with the Ideal cum Physical Composed, Paired Form ... An Ideal in the Physical as a  Composite Form ...

    This Perfectly Paired Form, Existent in our Physical Awareness can be of an Individual, and there is little, we can do to avert, or induct such a bondings, betwixt Two, in forming the Lovers Pair.

    But the Problem arises, when at times, our Ideal Person does not think, that we are his or her Ideal Person. Under such circumstances, we should compromise, rather than going on a rampage.

    As a Muslim, I firmly Believe in Destiny. I also believe, that we can never know the Future. I also Believe, that when it comes to making Choices, we should always Adopt the Right Course of Actions, and Thinking.

    There is nothing, we can do, Except Adopting the Right or the Wrong Course in our Lives ... all the rest follows, our "Application of Will" ... Meaning, the only Authority we have, of Choosing, between the Right, or the Wrong, Course for our lives.