Jewish passage to manhood during the times of jesus

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    Sekoatiposted 8 years ago

    Jewish passage to manhood during the times of jesus

    For Jesus to be called rabbi he would have gone through set of training, what would be the process at that time

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    christ4everposted 7 years ago

    I know one part of the process was to first be accepted by another Rabbi as a mentor, under which the "apprentice" would then train. This was often done at an early age and a family would commit the son to this process.

    Part of the training required a thorogh and complete understanding and memorization of the TORAH and I am not sure if that extended to the other books of the TaNaKh or not.

    I have an article which goes into some of the detail about these earlier texts of scripture if you are curious:

    There is not a lot of info about Jesus growing up as a boy unfortunately (that I am aware of--except in some of the Apocrypha or Gnostic texts) that could confirm if He participated in this type of training. I would imagine His knowledge of scripture and so forth would have been more divinely received and driven.

    Many referred to Jesus as "Rabbi" out of respect for His ministry and His obviously being qualified, whether or not He had actually received this type of training or indoctrination.

    That is best I can answer, being a follower of Jesus Christ and a Christian in my own background. Perhaps our more learned Jewish brothers and sisters have a better insight into this.

    G-d Bless--Rev.Ted

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    Elisah1957posted 7 years ago

    During that time an individual was appointed by the family he represented. Yeshua earthy father was a carpenter, therefore Yeshua status was to follow in that position but Joseph was not Yeshua father. Yeshua father was the Creater, the G-d of all G-ds, therefore his status was that of His father, which is why there was such controversy with His knowledge, understanding and wisdom, for they could not understand Him (Yeshua) being the son of a carpenter and having not studied under the Pharisees. Yeshua was not learned by the Jewish standards, therefore He was not to be considered authentic. He was the son of a carpenter. Yeshua disciple Judas was learned meaning studied under the scribes as his father. Paul (Saul) was also learned as his father before him. Some of the other disciples were fisherman as were their fathers. Rabbi is only a term meaning (Teacher).

    You were at that time the product of the father. ( This was your right of passage) unless G-d ordained something other.