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I have a dream as i was waking of an eagle sitting in a tree looking at me. He t

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    rancher0000posted 8 years ago

    I have a dream as i was waking of an eagle sitting in a tree looking at me. He then swooped down...

    and picked up a large fish and landed right in front of me presenting me with the fish.  I looked at the fish and it was dead. I was surprised it died so quickly. Any ideas as to what it means?

  2. northweststarr profile image76
    northweststarrposted 8 years ago

    You have an opportunity that you have recently undertaken or are in the process of undertaking.  It may seem like the opportunity of a lifetime, but it will quickly become evident that it is not what you thought it was and it will fail. 

    That help?

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    rancher0000posted 8 years ago

    Thank you that is exactly what is happening.  Scary to think something could be so dead on right.

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    SpaceAgeposted 8 years ago

    what northweststarr said does seem 2 make perfect sense. that dream u described was from God. He was alerting u 2 something. i'd listen. i also have dreams about stuff, & i dreamed about a man i was originally supposed 2 marry. i even had multiple confirmation dreams about that same exact man. long story short, soooo much time had passed (it WAS a literal dream) & i got tired of waiting & shut that door. i waited much longern i think most ppl would've. i'd been getting tired over the past decade, & i'd been gradually losing grip of it; i'd been gradually giving up on it. the past decade i'd been having this very strong feeling in my gut that he & his family would prevent it, tho it WAS meant 2 b. despite the fact my gut kept telling me this would never happen due 2 the choices of he & his siblings/parents, i STILL had the faith enough 2 wait as long as i did til i could no longer wait. i eventually got tired & gave up, despite the fact my gut was screaming not 2. i went against what my gut screamed & shut that door anyway. i just had enough & there was no more room 4 more disappointment. i just didn't want 2 wait no more, & i took actual steps 2 denounce everything once i got well established in college. time has just broken me & changed everything 2 the point i no longer want that other stuff. that family i think shut that door a looooooong time ago, & it took me this long 2 mutually shut the door from my side & elimin8 these ppl from ever taking part in my future. i had 2 eventually make the hardest & saddest choice 2 take a stand in determination 2 never again wait on what my gut says is a 'dead horse.' i learned from this that as soon as my gut says something's dead, 2 immedi8ly bury it right then & there, & leave it behind.
    what i was saying is that i was having 'bad vibes' about he & his family the entire decade. what WAS meant 2 b will no longer b due 2 THEIR choices; i just mutually slammed that door permanently & irrevocably shut like a locking casket NEVER 2 reopen. "This Is It"