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I was just curious about religion and home schooling...

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    meghancsmithnjposted 7 years ago

    I was just curious about religion and home schooling...

    Why is it that it seems that most children who are home schooled are from  extremely religious homes/parents? I was just wondering if maybe it has something to do with the separation of church and state?  Also, is the learning ever monitered by states or outside groups or can parents teach whatever or however they like? I always wanted to ask, yet never had the opportunity. Thank you for your time!  smile

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    Kelley Harmonposted 7 years ago

    My old neighbors home schooled their children. They were very religious, but I'm not sure if that was their reason for choosing home school over public school.

    Don't quote me on this, but I think the parents have to take some sort of test or be otherwise qualified for teaching. The children, I think, also have to do some sort of standardized testing at several points during their "school year". So I would assume there was some sort of general outline for curriculum.

    It probably varies from state to state though.

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    pics and proseposted 7 years ago

    To answer your question. When you have more than one child, you want all of them to graduate from school. When the public school system tells you that your child may graduate with a certificate for being at school for 12 years and not an actual diploma, then the flags go up. Years ago every person that went to school got a Diploma, unless they dropped out of school. Normally, Cirriculums that are used to Homeschool are Christian based Cirriculums. We do live in the United States. This country was founded on Christian beliefs, so there should not be a problem with Christian Cirriculums. Every year Homeschoolers are tested and the scores from those tests and attendance records are sent to the state that the student lives in. Every parent is suppose to be a High School graduate. What kind of job can you get with a certificate? I have had Mother's come to me crying and asking, how can I get my son or daughter a Diploma? They graduated with a certificate and how do I get them a Diploma? I hope that this answers some of your questions. It is not because of religion, as much as we want our children to have a chance to work and make a living for themselves. This country has taken alot of the History books out of the public libraries. Other countries are studied more than the United States now. How about the United States History? How do you think that President O'Bama got elected? He started at the College and High School level, because he knew that the older Americans who knew History would not elect him. If American children knew the History of Jesus and the Bible, then President O'Bama would not've been elected.

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    Aficionadaposted 7 years ago

    The laws on homeschooling vary greatly(!) from state to state.  If you are interested, research the laws in your state.  You can find catalogs of great curriculum resources geared specifically to homeschoolers. Some resources are written with religious families in mind, but not all of them are. 

    Some people choose to homeschool because they believe it is a more efficient use of the student's time or because they feel that the much-touted "socialization" of kids in traditional school settings does the wrong kind of socializing.  (That's a can of worms - but it is an opinion of some homeschoolers.)

    You may be able to find a Homeschooling Convention in your region; some are held in Spring, so it may have already taken place this year.  Also a Homeschoolers' Association in your area may help to provide extra activities such as sports, music, field trips, etc.  If you can find one, they can give you a lot of help.

    Not all states monitor closely what the students learn or the teaching ability of the parents, and some do not test students at the end of the school year at all.  Just research your own state.

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    terced ojosposted 7 years ago

    One of my sons is home schooled and the vast majority of his classmates is a Christian of some bent or other.

    We are Christians but we chose to home school him because he wasn't getting the one on one attention he needed.

    My other two sons are honors students with GPA's of 3.83 and higher. My five year old is well on his way to being a super kindergardner.

    As I have talked to many of these Christian parents they believe that the public schools foster too many of the worldly ways and vices; they believe that immersing their children in this environment will lead to things like cussing, teen pregnancy, abortion, illicit drug use and a general spoiling of their childs mind.

    My two high school sons attend the public school where I live.

    As a Christian man I don't believe in taking them out of the society nor am I particularly worried that they will become victims of drug use, sex, std's...and the plethora of other vices bred by the society at large.

    My faith dictates that I raise them in faith believing God and that they will go on to change the world they live in as opposed to being changed by the world they live in.

    So far so good.  They see what other kids are into; they talk to us often about those things.  Our communication is good.

    The problem with taking your children completely out of the social order of society is that it makes them more susceptible to its temptations.  I grew up with church kids who absolutely went crazy when they got their first taste of freedom. Sex, drugs...you name it they got into it.

    A monitored exposure to these things, prayer and open communication is what you want. Not isolation. Besides Jesus was in the society not of the society.

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