Should Ministers Be involved with politics?

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  1. daledad8 profile image78
    daledad8posted 9 years ago

    Should Ministers Be involved with politics?

    How does God feel about Ministers getting into politics and activism. Was Jesus a political activist?

  2. profile image0
    Chasukposted 9 years ago

    That depends on the minister.

    If the minister can compartmentalize, remembering to be a clergyman when tending to his spiritual flock and a politician when following the mandates of his constituents, then I have no objection.

    However, that isn't possible for everyone, so my general answer is no.

    On the other hand, I would never want a minister serving as POTUS, so my final answer is no.

    I can't answer for God.

    As for Jesus as a political activist, I'm unaware of any evidence for it.

  3. BDazzler profile image77
    BDazzlerposted 9 years ago

    Assuming biblical accuracy ...

    The answer to the secondary question is "No".  He said "All Authority is given to Me."   If He has all authority then this whole need to be a political activist is moot.  His authority.  His Kingdom.

    As to your primary question ...

    Take a closer look at the twelve ..

    You had "Simon the Zealot" ... The Zealots were a violent Anti-Roman Jewish sect.  You also had "Matthew called Levi" who was a tax collector ... a publican ... a Roman collaborator.  Two completely different political extremes.

    Perhaps the question should not  be "Should Ministers be involved with politics"... 

    Observing Jesus in the Gospels, perhaps the question should be , "Does Jesus call people with strong political opinions to be ministers?"

    So, the answer from scripture is "Yes". 

    I have found no place in scripture that said "Simon the Zealot" quit the Zealots.  And I have found nowhere that said "Matthew called Levi" quit being a tax collector.

    We see in the Gospels where Jesus calls people with strong political opinions to serve Him because all authority has been given to Him and He calls and chooses whomever He wishes.

    It is He, not us, who determines our sufficiency as servants.

  4. daledad8 profile image78
    daledad8posted 9 years ago

    I am waiting foir a few more responses and then I will weigh in on this subject. But I thank those who took the time to reply promptly. Your answers are intersting. Truth Is...

  5. misterdiggs profile image58
    misterdiggsposted 9 years ago


    It was never Gods intention that the church be involved as political activist much less a "world power" masquerading as Gods global police.

    Since the formation of the church after the Creed of Nicea the "Christian" church became woefully corrupted.  She married herself to "political" power and the earthly kingdoms of Satan.

    She bore 4 children. 1)Corruption 2)Greed 3)Conquest and 4)Death.

    This union has blinded the current population of Christians to their common foundation; namely the subjugation of indigenous cultures to their stated dominion and doctrine of manifest destiny.

    A twisted white supremacist racist Christian manifesto that has survived the ages in the middle and southern states of the United States.

    God is not mocked by those sins attributed to his name and yes the United States has been judged.

    Her history is replete with movements that have been born from the sheer oppression of non-whites, women and in recent times homosexuals.  A movement that would not have seen the light of day but for the existence of the prior movements success in repelling much of the oppressive white male Christian church.

  6. profile image0
    brotheryochananposted 9 years ago

    I don't believe any christian should be involved in politics.
    I don't need scripture to back this up.
    Politicians are liars by the nature of the job. Christians are not to lie. Any politicians who tell the truth are soon weeded out of the political system. God has laid out the end time events and being in politics, as a christian, trying to do the right thing, strives against gods end time purposes. We are not to be part of the system of this world, we are to be separate from the world, how much more ingrained in the world or its system can one be than to be a politician?
    just sayin.. smile

  7. profile image51
    Bishop Michael Hposted 6 years ago

    NO Politic Jesus says live what's to Cesar what is to Cesar what is to God to God


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