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What’s Unique about Your Church That Makes You Worship God from There? Thank You

  1. ngureco profile image84
    ngurecoposted 7 years ago

    What’s Unique about Your Church That Makes You Worship God from There? Thank You in Advance...

    for Your Answer.

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    Darrell Robertsposted 7 years ago

    I study and try to practice being a Hare Krsna/Hindu. The Supreme Lord is Krsna and their is so much knowledge to study. Well, to be more honest, I just ahve fun and chanting, eating spiritualized food, dancing as we glorify the Supreme Lord Krsna.  It is really simple yet sublime.  The art is beautiful.  God is usually smiling and God is a person with a life, family and friends.  God protects the devotees and destroys the demons.  There is a loving relationship that we try to have among the community members that makes it so nice just to be in a happy atmosphere. 

    At the same time, I am not an initiate and the congregatoin treats me so nicely.  We try to respect all life because we recognize that every living entity is part of the supreme. 

    I would suggest you check it out for yourself and then you decide. 

    Best wishes on your life's journey.

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    True Truthseekerposted 7 years ago
  4. Levertis Steele profile image84
    Levertis Steeleposted 5 years ago

    Worshipping at church is like having a support group with common beliefs and goals. "There is strength in numbers." It is like one big happy family. We worship, socialize, go on outings, meet with other sister churches, enjoy many inexpensive traveling opportunities, have "pep rallies" to stay motivated, etc. Because we work in different auxiliaries, pay tithes and offerings, We reach out to help the community by offering nonperishable goods and social assistance to the disabled and unfortunate; care packages to storm or fire victims; refuge to the abused; visitations ministries to nursing homes, children's homes, hospitals, homeless, and others. Banning together financially and offering warm-body support/ volunteers, we provide many experiences and learning opportunities to the youth--visitations to christian colleges/universities; camping trips to mountains, canyons, rivers, forests; tri-state youth meetings, etc. The opportunities and advantages to do outreach are limitless. Last, many churches support world charities. Churches worldwide ban to build schools, churches, dorms, homes, and many other help projects in destitute parts of the world. It is awesome what righteous grouping can do. It gives me great pleasure to know that my $25,00 donation (for example), along with millions of others' gifts, helped to place poor children in a clean, safe, and warm hospital, school, home, orphanage, or other. It is quite exciting to be part of world groups of helpers. Alone at home we can do little, but together, we can move mountains. I am proud to be a mountain mover!

    When you work in the communities, you worship God everywhere, not just at church or home. Worship is more than praying, singing, preaching, and approving. It is also doing good works and sharing the Word and experiences for God. Church is a home base, a place to refuel, a place to organize, but the real work is on the field. It is a dead soldier who is just a pew warmer. The battlefield is where the action is, and the Swords we use do not draw blood. It is wonderful!