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From as far back as I can recall it was obvious to me that life had a Designer and man-kind had a purpose.

Doing the sciences in school further cemented the reality of an infinite UNCAUSED Entity, as the Source of all intelligent life.

A careful consideration of all knowledge identify ancient texts as of a source other than man, or, this earth. These inspired texts have been meticulously copied over the centuries.

However, as revealed by these texts, DECEPTION by a rebel spirit being has resulted in MOST persons on earth not being aware of even CHANGES made to a handful of late century manuscript copies [MSS], which in turn has led to SERIOUS ERRORS in those translations that used these corrupted texts, such as the King James Bible.

Please compare 1 John 5:7- 8; Revelation 1:11 and 1 Timothy 3:16 in the KJV v.s. NIV, NLT etc.

ALL are encouraged to identify fallacies such as Trinity, Eternal Torture and Immortality of the Soul as being demon inspired, by doing CAREFUL RESEARCH.

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