Do you believe that you have to go to church meaning a building.

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  1. Marie_Style profile image60
    Marie_Styleposted 14 years ago

    Do you believe that you have to go to church meaning a building.

    In order to be close to GOD. I am not one to go to church on a regular basis but I am very spiritual and sometimes have a little bit of difficulty Remaining unafraid, and keeping faith. Is this all a test or me being doubtful.

  2. eludingsanity profile image61
    eludingsanityposted 14 years ago

    No, I believe that God resides in all of our hearts and we only need to come together as a group but not necessarily in a Church or home setting. One of the Churches I used to attend as a teenager was always in a park setting. The more people you have attending, the greater the feeling you get of the presence of God. I have come across some of the most Religious people and found that their faith is not as strong as mine is. I am not a Religious person at all but I am very spiritual. I have spent most of my life studying Religion and found all of it to be false in one way or another. The best way to "keep your faith" is to "BELIEVE" in God and trust that He will alway's be there for you. Road blocks will alway's be there to keep you from your destined path but God will alway's provide you with the necessary tools to get across those road blocks with ease.

    1. manatita44 profile image72
      manatita44posted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I believe you mean well, Eluding Sanity. I may even have a sense of what you are trying to say. Still, spirituality takes you to the point where you will recognise that all religions are trying to take us to God. How then can they be false?

  3. langson profile image60
    langsonposted 14 years ago

    A bulding helps us to buld relationshps with one another, and share our challenges.And this can be done anywhere though for convenience purpses i would say meeting in buldings its better it keeps you from being burnt with the sun,or being rained on.There is nothing wrong to meet in the church,if somebody keeps his relationship with God close

  4. pippap profile image77
    pippapposted 14 years ago

    You can be close to God wherever you are.  There is nothing in the Bible that says a person must be in a "church" in order to worship or be close to God.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with worshipping or coming together in a church or other building; but, it is not necessary.

    God hears you whether you are in your kitchen, outside in the woods, by a stream, at your neighbour's or anywhere else.

    When you are feeling afraid, start praying.  When I am feeling afraid, I look around me and give thanks for all the wonders that God has bestowed on me.  Birds singing, enough food to eat, a warm bed, family and friends who love me.

  5. Artin2010 profile image64
    Artin2010posted 14 years ago

    I believe that if you have your Bible the infalliable Words of truth written through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost for all mankind to know, you are known of the Lord and He will love you  unconditionally. Going to church gives your faith that extra kick needed to elavate your spirituality through worship and praise with others who deeply want to know their Lord and Savior. Church is good because Gods family, yes the sinners we are must associate ourselves with others who are seeking to know Christ Jesus also. We need each other to encounter the Holy Spirits awesome powers within us. Bless you friend, Jesus surely loves ya!  Art

  6. scentualhealing profile image58
    scentualhealingposted 14 years ago

    We are to live and speak each day as if in prayer. 

    Love is and relationships are the priority in all life.
    Love can not be learned in isolation.

    Your church community is but another way to learn patience and tolerance and allowing of each others differences

    No it is not completely necessary but if we are to do Gods will , to help others with the gifts he has given us, then it would be best to receive a community into your life for fellowship and that fellowship is not just learning doctrinal beliefs but to learn and grow in love.

  7. no body profile image66
    no bodyposted 14 years ago

    There is an easy answer but it needs some extra explanation. The answer is that we should find a body of believers to worship, praise, minister to, be ministered by etc. Now for the extended version. Not all folks have found a church home that they feel comfortable and called to. Some have found doctrinal issues that make them so uncomfortable it feels wrong to sit there. Others are looking for the perfect church (which doesn't exist). Others are letting the comments and actions of others keep them from wanting to attend any church group. Still others are not willing to commit to any body because it feels too much like an obligation. You have discovered one of the pitfalls of not having a church family to fellowship with on a regular basis. You are not ministered to or ministering to others and feeling weak. The tempter will get at you and you will not be strengthened by being alone. You will tend to remain weak if you refuse to be led to a group to minister your gifts and to be fed. The church is a body not a building. The collective church has the Holy Spirit in every member but without fellowship and ministry to each other the embers begin to lose heat and die. If one gathers with other believers then the embers begin to gain heat and catch fire again. That fire can start a revival but not alone, you see? I suggest if the assembly that you do attend ministers to you, Go. If it does not find another. If you have other issues that keep you from going, look into them and solve them. Some folks are being prepared to serve somewhere and when the time is right God will show them where they belong. But how can he get you prepared if you don't serve others. At least meet with others in small groups or find somewhere to witness and serve God, keep busy for Him. Many blessings.

  8. Michael Adams1959 profile image80
    Michael Adams1959posted 14 years ago

    Neglect NOT the assembling of yourselves together, where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name there I am, just a couple verses from Christ about coming together. Yes a person can read and pray and learn on their own but I believe you answered your own question saying you feel you have a bit of trouble remaining unafraid and keeping faith. Being "churched " and meeting with others in the faith will help you grow and keep faithful, it is also a good idea to have a prayer or faith partner that you can rely on each other

  9. profile image51
    Angelacaposted 13 years ago

    The Scriptures says for us as believers, not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together.  Coming together in a building is to unite us more; to be an encouragement to each other; to build up and to edify each other in one setting.  Mind you we are the "church," the temple where the Holy Spirit dwells.  In Jesus day they met every Sabbath to give praise to God& for the reading of the Holy Script.  I believe we are to do no less today. Believers gathering together to worship God brings glory to Him in a unified way and helps us to strengthen each other.  It is important to come aside in a unified effort to bring glory to God.  We need each other.  We are many members but there is only one Body of Christ.  There is only one Heaven and so communing together down here in worship is an example of what we will experience for eternity in the Kingdom of God. One person by himself is good but uniting with others makes for a greater glory to God. Multitudes gathered to hear Jesus so as to know what was expected of them when they believe and accept Christ as the Son of God, the Savior of all mankind.  The word has to be taught and preached, so there must be hearers to listening to that word; thus we should come together regularly as a unit to worship God. No one man/woman by themselves can possibly give God total worship but when we come together, Heaven rejoices and God is that much more glorified. We are empowered by one another. There is always strength development when we bind together.  We can do more damage to the kingdom of darkness(evil) when we unify.  We need time alone with God but we also need time together with God in worship as well.  God is everywhere but all places are not conducive for worshiping Him so that is why there are certain buildings set aside, and anointed and made holy through prayer to worship God together as one body of believers.

  10. DavePrice profile image60
    DavePriceposted 13 years ago

    Redefine the word church. If the definition is a building or denomination, then yes, you need to find one that you can attend to keep you connected with others of like faith. The best part of that is there are so many different kinds of churches you can easily find one that suits you. If the definition is a body of believers, then you dont need the building or the denomination, you need the body however you can assemble it. Either way, though, you need the connection to others. God designed us to need Him and to need each other. Fail to meet either need and you fail to experience life in its fullest measure.

  11. proton66 profile image61
    proton66posted 13 years ago

    Dedicating at least one day to God from anywhere is acceptable. Some prefer going a house of worship to feel the spirit while other feel otherwise. But at a house of worship, you will have to give some offerings to pay the pastor for his sermon. If this bothers you then reading your scriptures and praying saves you money and still qualifies you of blessings from heaven.

  12. manatita44 profile image72
    manatita44posted 11 years ago

    There are various levels of spirituality. Some saints of the past were so God-intoxicated, that they had to be watched and fed. The spirit of God was so strong in these loving souls, that they needed looking after.
    Let us be practical. Most of us are not like that. We need the company of other like-minded souls to help us grow. We need our Lord, true, but my experience and those who are infinitely more worthy than I am, is that there are, or can be dry periods. So company helps.

    Having said that, where will you gather? In the park? true, nature helps you and being out in the forests or garden is great, but one will need a building sooner or later for praise, prayer, showing inspirational videos, hyms and other aspects of spiritual practice. What if it is cold or windy? Be alone and worship when the inner voice tells you, and join others as you feel the need. They complement each other.


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