There seems to be a standard for chakras like third eye is indigo? but if this i

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    raymangold7550999posted 7 years ago

    There seems to be a standard for chakras like third eye is indigo? but if this is so then how...

    come no color for a chakra is incorrecet? is there a natrual color for each chakra? and if thier is a chakra's natrual color state them how do we know it's not our personal selfs saying that? let's say it is common for the third eye to be intrupted is indigo and that is it's natrual self how do we know that that isin't it's natrul self and that it's possibly that most people's ego's interpet it this way?

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    sugzposted 7 years ago

    from what i have learnt about chakras is that they each have their own significant colour or crystals or fragrance.. i hve quite a few chakra sets, i often send them out to friends, and even in all the books i have read, they date back to when anciant times where they found different coloured stones (before known as crystals) that harmonized certain energies in the body in specific places, to my knowledge, this is how they came to use each colour for each chakra.
    i'll put the chakras with crystals used and also oils used for aromatherapy.

    Soul star which is above the crown, is usually white but ametrine (amethyst/citrine combined in one crystal) can be used enhancing the sprituality through the higher self.

    Crown chakra - clear quartz  & lavender
    Brow chakra (third eye) - amethyst & mandarin
    Throat chakra (communication) - blue lace agate & sandalwood
    Heart chakra (love & relationships) - pink quartz & PURE rose oil
    Navel chakra  (solar plexis) - citrine & peppermint
    Sexual chakra (sacral) - charnelian & jasmine
    Base chakra (root) - red jasper & gingerand/or grapefruit

    earth chakra  grounds energies - hematite

    the kundalini is the chakras within the spine, balance of these particular chakras cannot be restored if the spine is out of alignment.

    if you try using the crystals set out in a chakra set, and even the essential oils, you will find a special kind of feelings when you either meditate or just before you go to sleep. you can open your own chakras by verbally telling your chakras to open as you place each one on its right chakra..
    grab yourself a chakra kit and give it a try, when i first tried it, i felt some relief and a sense of well being, now, i live by them. my house is full of crystals and most days i have my crystals in my pocket or under my pillow. when my back is sore, i can't use them, because i can't lay flat without dire pain. but i use them as often as i can soemtimes using selotape to hold them in place so i can have them hidden during the day. no one else needs to know you have chakra crystals on you.. or if using the oils. they smell really nice and people will enjoy beign around you smile

    it works, try it