has your country been effected by the muslim religion?

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    nightwork4posted 7 years ago

    has your country been effected by the muslim religion?

    either negative or positively.

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    VeraEllenFireflyposted 7 years ago

    Islam is a media hot topic and Australians seem to have wildly conflicting views on it. Anything Islam seems to bring out embarassing levels of nationalism.
    The burqa is always in the spotlight and there are discussions on banning the garment, which tends to be portrayed as a security issue, rather than one of religious freedom.
    There is a lot of hostility towards Islam but not without reason. Before you accuse me of tarring everyone with the same brush let me say I am not going to generalise.
    There are Islamic groups in Australia who want the Shariah law introduced and they have very plainly stated that democracy is unsuitable in Islam, therefore they should have their own laws. So far that looks unlikely to happen and I hope it never does. The issue is one of trust and if large numbers of a community refuses to abide by the same laws that everyone else has to and if they want to remain cloistered and not mix with the infidels, they will bring on that community very unfavourable views that can be easily justified.

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    Thesourceposted 7 years ago

    I know there are peaceful Muslims. However, many countries are negatively affected by them. They include US, Philippines, Thailand, India, Nigeria, Sudan, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and more. In the US the 9/11 terrorists were reciting Koranic versus as the committed terrorist these acts. In many of these countries mosques and other Islamic institutions have been used as breeding grounds for terrorism. Their motivation for terrorism appear to be their religion.

    There are also Muslim countries negatively affected by Islam, They include Pakistan, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia.

    In these countries woman's basic rights are seriously curtailed.
    Sharia law is restricts basic humans right including the freedom of religion. They promote cruel acts such as stoning to death,  or horrific lashing for making personal decisions that are peaceful.  Muslims are not free to choose are another religion. Crimes against Non-Muslims are not prosecuted with due diligence.
    Pakistan is the birthplace of Taliban. It is also sponsored by the State at a senior level. There goals include destabilizing and terrorizing neighboring countries like India and Afghanistan. Here not only religion is at play but religion and politics are intertwined.

    I understand many well intended segments of the Muslim populations and others believe Islam means peace. However, these Muslims seem to be too passive about rejecting acts of violence coming from their religion.