Can anyone explain exactly what we will experience at the end of linear time on

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  1. keepitnatural profile image60
    keepitnaturalposted 10 years ago

    Can anyone explain exactly what we will experience at the end of linear time on Planet Earth (2012)?

    Is this the end of life as we know it, or in simple terms 'are we all going to die'? Or do we live on in this life but with expanded awareness of some kind? If linear time no longer exists then how will we have calendars or watches etc?

  2. kentuckyslone profile image87
    kentuckysloneposted 10 years ago

    I believe that everything will continue normally the same way that it did on January 1 2000

    2012 will not be the end of the world as some say.

  3. Powerful Pierre profile image71
    Powerful Pierreposted 10 years ago

    Don't get over worked over the world ending in 2012 for starters. Now there are who wanna beleive it, thats their bag. Others will deny it to the hilt.  IF this answer is still here in January of 2013 then you will know it was all a man made hoax.  Biblically "NO man knows the hour................."  Realistically they have been predicting the end for over 100 yrs or more. Just the ones I recall, 1933 the Great Depression of my Grandma's era was gonna lead to Armeggedon as was World War 1 and 2.  Later on in1963 the Cuban Missile Crisis and the attack on Israel was supposed to be the beginning of the end. IT wasn;t,  2000 the computer thing where all computers were gonna crash and send the world reeling, remember it? We are still here!! AS long as man progresses, there will be "doomies", people who incite others to fear. Put it this way IF it happens in 2012 will we really care anymore? I for one plan ahead 2013 here we come   Rest on Keep it and who knows we may still be writing on Hubs in 2013 Peace!!!

  4. MickS profile image60
    MickSposted 10 years ago

    Who cares, if it is going to happen, it is going to happen, but they couldn't make up their minds anyway, the next lot shunted it along to 2020?  I reckon it's all a load of hogwash and we'll all poodle along in our own little way.

  5. terced ojos profile image61
    terced ojosposted 10 years ago

    We will feel within our bowels an intense pressure that will build slowly and monotonously; we will feel a malaise in our groin area and intestine that will slowly and deliberately morph into a low grade dull ache.

    Our stomachs will growl as though we have not eaten and the pressure will rise through our upper and lower intestines building to an unstoppable, incurable, wanton, ecstatic release of gas...


  6. profile image0
    drmoeposted 9 years ago

    Glad someone here is thinking about this. The human race is moving from 3rd dimensional density consciousness to 5th dimensional ascended consciousness.  Human bodies will move from a carbon base to crystalline base so we can hold higher frequencies.  Time will no longer exist because we will be in a state of Eternal Now.

    3 Things you need to do if you hope to make the transition.
    1) acknowledge your creator
    2) clear your karmic past
    3) receive the rejuvenation command (when available)
    and 4) This is my own addition: STAY AWAY FROM RELIGION, IT IS POISON!

    Maurice Turmel

  7. tracykarl99 profile image83
    tracykarl99posted 9 years ago

    I do not believe this prediction is true. As some people have said, these dooms day events have been talked about and truly believed before.

    Although, as dr. moe implies, maybe it will be true for some people, that their consciousnesses will alter to a higher state. But I think that everyone should continue living their lives and making goals, while also working out karma and trying not to create any of the bad kind.

    Live and love and write on!!


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