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Do any Christians today feel justifiable means of exercising 'righteious indigna

  1. Jason R. Manning profile image85
    Jason R. Manningposted 7 years ago

    Do any Christians today feel justifiable means of exercising 'righteious indignation'...

    ...over the loss of our rights and escalating persecution can be warranted?
    (please, I would prefer people of faith to comment & and not those with a diametrically opposed view)

  2. angel115707 profile image60
    angel115707posted 7 years ago

    I think holy anger, as Joyce Meyer calls it is what we have inside of us, to battle the forces we cannot see... these idiots that are continuously taking away our freedom and basically enslaving us all, are guided, moved and in some cases completely overtaken by evil forces, our battle is in our prayers, minds and our inner ability to succeed against these things, not by lashing out with the low-life standards of many godless people.. we have already won remember..... smile

  3. profile image53
    SpaceAgeposted 7 years ago

    I believe all citizens should have rights. When those rights r violated, it does feel like a personal attack.

  4. Powerful Pierre profile image79
    Powerful Pierreposted 7 years ago

    Hello Jason what we are just beginning to "feel" is the persecution Jesus warned us about I believe, we should leave the righteous indignation angle to politicians. IF you are having feelings of anger then GO to God in your private time to get His marching orders. They will never go against His Word and can be trusted 100% all of the time. GBU

  5. profile image0
    DrDeanCrosbyposted 7 years ago

    The words "loss of our rights" should raise a red flag because it is normally used by people who believe in the mass distribution of guns to increase the human body  carnage that already exists in the country.

    Righteous indignation is sometimes important to express for brief periods of time providing that it does not produce violence,personal  hatred or a spirit of unforgiveness.

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